1. YakTribe

    Vampires 1.0

    Many believe that the vampiric curse has been wiped out among the nobles in the Empire and that only Sylvania still holds Vampires. This is far from the truth as many lesser Vampires have spent centuries sleeping in coffins in the basements of a merchant or craftsman. There exists a Dark...
  2. YakTribe

    Necrarchs, the Soul Stealers 1.0

    With the destruction of Lahmia the kingdom of Vampires came to an end and the Great Library was burned to the ground. The accumulated knowledge of the ancient Nehekhara was destroyed and many of the disciples of W'soran died in the flames, reluctant to abandon their work. Unfortunately for the...
  3. YakTribe

    Lahmian Undead 1.0

    Long ago, the nobles of Lahmia stole the secret of the elixir of eternal life from the Great Necromancer, Nagash, during the war in which he was expelled from the land of Nehekhara. Over time, corrupted by the secret they had stolen, they became the first true vampires and were themselves driven...