1. E

    Edster N17 ZM Board Tiles prototype - Need Feedback (Zone Mortalis)

    Hi all, I'm setting about designing and making ZM Tiles. My Goal is to produce a series of 9x double sided tile designs to replicate the OG N17 ones. I know that @Hawkins44 did an absolutely incredible job with the community ones! Well done dude - you inspire. I am aiming to make my own...
  2. Edster prototype Necromunda Board Tiles

    Edster prototype Necromunda Board Tiles

    a prototype for a range of Necromunda board tiles
  3. Playing around

    Playing around

  4. Overview 5

    Overview 5

  5. Overview 4

    Overview 4

  6. Overview 1

    Overview 1

  7. Necromunda tiles

    Necromunda tiles

    A WiP of the tiles I'm doing for my underhive/ZM board
  8. Necromunda Tiles

    Necromunda Tiles

    DIY Zone Mortalis tiles
  9. Necromunda Tiles

    Necromunda Tiles

    DIY Zone Mortalis tiles
  10. AxeSlash

    N17 Zone Mortalis Tile Planner 1.01

    This is a Trimble Sketchup file that contains all 36 tile images (ie including the Badzone Delta 7 tiles) arranged into convenient Sketchup components that you can place and rotate really easily. I've also included a couple of groups that show them classified into a) the different wall...
  11. J

    N18 Badzones Delta 7

    Hello, please can anyone send me scan of Badzone delta 7 tiles? It is impossible to get it, so we try make own ones. Thank you :)
  12. G

    My very own kickstarter :)

    Hi all, I just launched a kickstarter for print and play dungeon tiles and I'm trying to get the word out. Here's the link for those that feel like checking it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/42228527/the-forgotten-tomb-print-and-play-dungeon-tiles?ref=user_menu We've already hit the...