1. D

    N18 I Created an AI for playing Necromunda/Skirmish Games Solo. The Abominable Intelligence! CC Needed.

    Hello scummers! Skirmish games are fun, but COVID and general laziness are powerful opponents. I've played board/skirmish games before that include some type of solo mode used with behavior tables. This is an attempt to create this kind of solo gameplay experience for Necromunda, as a full-on...
  2. 20190721_140939.jpg


    Going over the bends and panel lines with the ball end tool prioer to cutting the part from the sheet
  3. 20190721_140909.jpg


    Paper building supplies: glue stick (good quality), wood glue (Titebond III available here in North America was found to be very good), good ol' hobby knife with No. 11 blade, small ball end tool (less than 1mm ball on end), and the ever handy strait edge (stainless steel with cork back)
  4. I

    Bug Yaktribe tools breaking

    when adding gangers to a gang getting white screen with this error message (they are custom gangers if that matters) Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'type' at row 1 in Necromunda.ganger.process.php(46) Old munda...
  5. Thorgor

    The online Command Roster is up

  6. AxeSlash

    Suggestion XML Export - Weapon Stats

    At the moment the "XML Version" link does not seem to export stats for the weapons, which makes it a bit useless for people like me who want to export it to Excel/Publisher so I can make my own gang cards. I would imagine that this is a fairly easy thing to implement? Or alternatively a way of...
  7. ten_kage

    Bug Adding weapon to ganger from stash

    Hi all, I do not understand how to add equipment from the stash to a ganger card. When I hopen the "equipment" section of the ganger I only have the option to equip or bui equipment from their starting list. In the specific case I have bought a sword at the trading post and it is now in my...
  8. monkeytrumpet

    Bug Admin Tools

    Hi, I've read the feature list and it seems like there should be an ability to view history for gang changes in the campaign, however I'm not seeing this for some reason. Also although I can add new gangs to the campaign it doesn't seem to add the gang owners as members of the campaign? Cheers.
  9. p0dde

    Necromunda Ganger Cards

    Together with @SkaryMonk we have made a tool for creating Ganger Cards. It is based on the Gang XML file that @Malo has made available, and slightly tweaked for the purpose, thanks!. Use the link below, and replace the five digit number with your own gang-id-number. (It can be found in the url...
  10. Malo

    Yak Battle trackers opinions

    Please read this before posting any responses on the poll! I know it's long but you have nothing better to do right? The poll is intended to allow multiple options. I'd like to discuss the battle (& post battle) tracking systems on YakTribe with you all. As I develop the new framework for Yak4...