1. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  2. M

    Necromunda swaps!

    Necromunda swaps looking to trade these necromunda blisters for other blisters or sealed redemptionist/ Goliath gang in an attempt to complete my collection! Will pay worldwide postage! thanks all
  3. S

    Necromunda H. Escher, W. Goliath

    I have the Escher gang from the boxed game. They are still on sprue. I would like to trade for the Goliath counterpart. I'm in Australia. Vic.
  4. Basileus

    [DELETE] Bas' looking for X thread (Mostly Orks)

  5. Insurgent


    The premise is simple, Void pirates buy Pirate Slaves in recruitment and then sell them in the next post battle phase for a profit. Selling Gang members into slavery is already an established practice and we all agree that the going rate is D6x5. (There must be some evil gang selling free...