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  1. G

    N18 Trading post question about shields

    so i am building a venators gang and my hunt leader is going to have the VS house legacy, i cant find the hystrar shield anywhere, i have turned off the setting to restrict items, i have even added a custom item but i still cant find it. anyone shed some light on it for me?
  2. J

    N18 Balance Discussion

    Greetings. My group is looking at starting an Ash Wastes campaign. I've also got some 3d Printed Jump Boosters/Jetpack, from Reptilian Overlords. I was thinking of making them a 65 credit Rare item in the Trading post, and just copying the rules from Orlock Wreckers, with the stipulation that...
  3. T

    N18 Are Caryatids still in the game?

    Hi all, Just got a TP rarity roll of 16, do I get the free Caryatid? I can see them listed on the community TP .pdf, but struggling to find them/their rules in any of the books......
  4. F

    Bug Cutomize share is off but still being shared.

    All of my custom wargear and weapons are being shared despite having that option turned off. Everyone in the campaign I'm in can see all of my custom stuff in the Trading Post which has already created some confusion. I've looked everywhere to try to find out why this is happening but as far as...
  5. T

    Question Adding Grenades as Boon

    Played my first Necromunda campaign game and won the Sludge Sea territory. I'd like to add the 3 choke gas grenades I earned but I can't find how to do that. The Trading Post wants me to buy them and they can't be added to my gangers (Cawdor btw) through regular equipment. Any help please?
  6. SirWalterManny

    Bug Missing from Trading Post? Krak/Stun rounds for combi-grenade launcher

    Can’t seem to find a way of purchasing these on the Underhive Tools Trading post? Should be a Rare(8), 25 (Krak) and 20 (Stun) grenades for combi- autgun/Bolter & grenade launcher. Can purchase a krak grenade for 45 creds and adjust cost, but wont then display correctly on fighter card. If...
  7. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  8. thanejaw

    N18 Venators in Uprising Campaign - House Weapons List is the Trading Post - Unbalanced?

    hey there - I'm planning the next campaign at the club and trying to pre-empt gaminess - we'll be doing a Dark Uprising campaign which is grand. My one concern is that a few people want to play Venators - which is fine - however their HWL is the Trading post - which no one else gets access to...
  9. Glyn

    Bug Trading Post / HWL bug

    Trading Post / HWL Bug has popped up for me. (The one where I have purchased something in trading post, sent to a ganger, and now cannot remove it) Repro steps Create Venator gang Add one ganger Purchase Shotgun-Execution ammo from TP Edit character Unable to view/edit this ammo entry...
  10. R

    N18 Trading Post - how to buy?

    The rules for trading post are quite ambiguous in terms of multi-ammo gear. E.g. smoke grenades for grenade launcher cost the same as smoke grenades. But there's no such thing as requirement to have an actual grenade launcher when buying that ammo which (i guess) implies that for 15c you get a...
  11. U

    N18 Seek Rare Equipment and Connected

    The new Trade section removed the restriction that a fighter (Leader or Champion) can only buy one rare item per trip to the Trading Post. Here is the text: The result is the Availability level - the higher it is, the rarer the equipment that is on offer. The gang can now purchase Rare items...
  12. Z

    Trading post/HWL/connected

    I've been reading through a couple of rule discussions on the forum, and have seen multiple hints towards the HWL not needing a visit to the trading post for you to purchase equipment or new gangers. But I can't find anything to support this in the books. "The Trading Posts represents the...
  13. SirWalterManny

    Trading post Rarity: Krak Grenades & Photo-goggles

    At the trading post, Krak Grenades are Rare (8) and Photo-goggles Rare (9)... but every single gang also has both items listed on their house equipment list. So what purpose does the 'Rare' value have at the minute? Is this just for possible gangs in the future?
  14. Basileus

    [DELETE] Bas' looking for X thread (Mostly Orks)

  15. p0dde

    Trading Post Selection (Poll)

    EDIT: WAIT THERE IS NO POLL? CORRECT NO POLL! I have noticed that several N17 players add the Gangs of Legend weapons list to the Trading Post, when buying equipment in the Post-Battle Sequence. From Gangs of Legend "Gang War contains the full rules for creating gangs from House Escher and...