1. SirWalterManny

    N18 Starting out for the Ash Wastes (Goliath)

    When founding a gang with standard ash wastes rules (1000 creds + 400 creds for vehicles/mounts), do you aim to try to get all of your fighters a mount/space on a transport bed? If yes, how have you done this? If not, what % of your fighters do you aim to get mobile, and what % stay as foot...
  2. O

    NCE Building the Necromundan Ash Waste Battlebus

    -The Ash Waste Battlebus ready for vehicular mayhem in the ash wastes. Please read on below for a description of how it got built. “No, none of these will do,” rasps the grizzled gang leader as he limps down the final row of surplus vehicles with the shantytown salesmech. “Just look at these...
  3. Dorchester dismounting.jpg

    Dorchester dismounting.jpg

  4. Dorchester Battlebus.jpg

    Dorchester Battlebus.jpg

  5. Dorchester interior painted.jpg

    Dorchester interior painted.jpg

  6. Dorchester underside painted.jpg

    Dorchester underside painted.jpg

  7. Dorchester painted.jpg

    Dorchester painted.jpg

  8. Dorchester with gangers.jpg

    Dorchester with gangers.jpg

  9. Dorchester interior completed.jpg

    Dorchester interior completed.jpg

  10. Dorchester hood and side.jpg

    Dorchester hood and side.jpg

  11. Dorchester body completed.jpg

    Dorchester body completed.jpg

  12. Dorchester interior.jpg

    Dorchester interior.jpg

  13. Dorchester underside.jpg

    Dorchester underside.jpg

  14. 20190908_200423.jpg


    Rad Runners protect another fuel run Modutruck Kickstarter -
  15. Modified Taurox Pickup Truck

    Modified Taurox Pickup Truck

  16. Hive Primus A-Z

    Hive Primus A-Z

    Never leave your hab without it!
  17. Sweet Ride for my Escher

    Sweet Ride for my Escher

    A Dinky 1953 Cadiallac Eldorado
  18. Silk

    Cheap and Easy Miniature Carrying Boxes

    I made these using card-holder boxes (about $0.75 each), scrap cardboard, hot glue and 1/2" foam. The foam was the most expensive part, being about $20 for 1 square meter of material. Even with that, each box works out to be a little over $3. Different lengths are available. The ones I chose...