1. Karandrassh

    Inquisitor @ TAG 2024

    This is the thread of who wants to join me in playing inquisitor at the TRIBEmeet. I will be running it at 54mm scale, I have plenty of spare models for those who want to join a game but don't have any. My plan is to run a small campaign of linked games, but I understand that there won't be the...
  2. Ardavion

    Hypothetical TribeMeet RPG

    As I've posted in the TAG WAR UK 2024! Thread, I'm tempted to run an RPG over the weekend. Thing is, whilst saying I'd run one is all well and good, knowing that: Enough people would want to play The setting was something people wanted to roleplay in The system used was something people can...
  3. Biggle_Bear

    Tribemeet Germany 2024

    TRIBEMEET GERMANY 2024 Date: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of August 2024 Location: Biggle Bear’s Forward Command Shack, located approximately 20km outside of Duisburg, NRW, Germany. Game being played: NCE Places: 6 (5 available) Price: 10€ per day Time: 9am - 9pm Saturday 9am - 9pm Sunday...
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  6. Gang tribemeet.jpeg

    Gang tribemeet.jpeg

    Gang for tribemeet 2022
  7. Biggle_Bear


    Soooooo... I was wondering how many Yaktribe friends are in mainland Europe and also be interested in attending a Tribemeet Germany? I'm not saying I will organise one, but theoretically if I was to, how many would be interested and where would it need to be held. For example, i live in...
  8. D

    Tribemeet Melbourne 2022- October 8th 2022

    Hey fellow yaks That time is here again, to organise and work out a date for the Melbourne Tribemeet and yours truly will stepping in to organise it. I'd like to give a big thank you to maxwellpower who ran the previous years' events. It was enjoyable and I had a lot of fun, even if I did lose...
  9. 72397336_2308914522564237_972019878691078144_n.jpg


    Fan Boat
  10. Sjuuu

    Preparing for the Tribemeat 2020

    Hello all, This will be my first Tribemeat and gotta brush up on my playing skills! For now I will share my current progress on the boat/hydrofoil I am planning plus my WIP of my Cawdor gang. Gotta find a solution for the lower part connection as the foil itself got in the way. And in...
  11. Karandrassh

    Side games at the 2020 TRIBEmeet

    I thought as not to clog up the main event thread, we could have another thread devoted to any other games and challenges between players. Which we are trying to fit in over the weekend of the TRIBEmeet. As such I wish to announce that Me and @Sumaki will be carrying on our tale of Inquisitor...
  12. TribeMeet 2020 Kickstarter

    TribeMeet 2020 Kickstarter

    Banner for the TribeMeet 2020 Kickstarter
  13. TribeMeet 2020

    TribeMeet 2020

    TribeMeet 2020 promotional banner
  14. TribeMeet2020-Poster


  15. MancInventor

    NCE Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack 2019-03-20

    Campaign book containing rules for Necromunda Vehicles, the Preacher hired gun and special characters Olex Quinto and Angelique D'Alessandro. Also a unique campaign framework covering a fight for survival against starvation and a whole load of background fluff. Enjoy. P.S. Please be aware...
  16. maxwellrpower

    Necromunda TribeMeet AUS 2019

    For now this is just here to gauge interest, more details will be coming soon, I promise! Basically what I want to know is do you want to come to a two day Necromunda event in March 2019 somewhere in Melbourne? If the answer is yes then please reply below and let me know! The event will be...
  17. Galtarr

    How easy is it to go N17 -> NCE w.r.t poss. Attending tribemeet

    Ok. Thinking about Tribemeet, which is NCE. Just got into Necromunda with N17. Only played N17 in both skirmish and campaign. Only models I have are N17 from base set and a few upgrades as required by campaign (i.e. +forgeworld Escher upgrades, ) So given I am very unlikely to play NCE before...
  18. Malo

    Yakday 2017 Announcements

    YakDay 2017 Yak day is actually happening! It will be over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September. There are currently two major events organised in Peterborough, UK, and in London, UK. Please feel very welcome to come along if you live close to one of these, there is more information on...