1. Zombie King

    Zombie King

  2. Zombie King

    Zombie King

  3. Undead and Survivor/Cultist

    Undead and Survivor/Cultist

  4. ghosts of thrax

    ghosts of thrax

  5. Aulenback

    Run! The Horseman Comes! 2020-09-11

    The winning scenario in Tuomas Pirinen's 2019 Mordheim Facebook group 20th-Anniversary-of-Mordheim scenario competition. A dread tale of a headless horseman returned from beyond the grave.
  6. Aulenback

    Project Log: Mordheim anniversary Restless Dead warband

    This year being Mordheim’s twentieth (!) anniversary, I am taking a detour from Necromunda and GorkaMorka work, to pay some attention to the fallen city. Some here may have noticed my rambling about the challenge my wife set the two of us for this year: a “Christmas Village” for display - but a...
  7. MedMos

    MedMos' WIP - the slowjuicer of Plogs

    So, I decided to get my own thread going. Updates will range from sporadic to non-existant, but hey, such is life.;) I am hoping to get some good feedback and advice from this awesome community, so don't hope for anything extraordinary here. There is some serious talent on this site (you all...
  8. K

    Pinnacle of Zombie Games?

    It transpired it's fun to create Nekromasse, a present day zombie apocalypse game loosely based on the classic skirmisher Necromunda and taking into account what other zombie games do right. The idea however is to make the same NPC zombie mechanics applicable for Necromunda itself...
  9. M

    Some questions from Odessa`s "Sothern Legion"

    Greetings, friends. I`ve got some questions about Mordheim and Border Town Burning(BTB) settlements and some special types. This questions mostly aren`t new, but we`ve still got discussions about them. So, here they are: 1) Does a crossbow pistol "shoots" in close combat (does it mean that the...
  10. YakTribe

    Restless Dead 1.0

    A Liche is a necromancer who was wise enough never to expend his own life energy to fuel his spells during his lifetime. As time eats away at his body, he retains his soul which allows him to manipulate magic, which is what separates them from pitiful wraiths. Unfortunately, the undead bodies of...
  11. YakTribe

    Nehekhara Tomb Guards 1.0

    You cannot actually destroy a Mummy unless you destroy its inner organs that are safely kept within jars, there are 4 jars and each jar is protected by a spirit. Thus Mummies have no fear of being destroyed, unless you raid their tomb - where you will encounter their strongest defenses. These...
  12. YakTribe

    Necromancer Warband 1.0

    Necromancer from all over the world journey to Khemri for in search of knowledge. Khemri being the place where the great knowledge of raising the dead came from makes it a treasure chest of knowledge on the secrets of Necromancy. Many bring apprentices and adepts with them and there own undead...
  13. YakTribe

    Necromancer, The Restless Dead 1.0

    When the comet struck the city of Mordheim the power of the Authorities soon crumbled and in its wake the Necromancers have rissen, no longer do they fear the authorities and they can fight off the few Witch hunters that still dare enter their realm. They have taken up residence in the...
  14. YakTribe

    Necrarchs, the Soul Stealers 1.0

    With the destruction of Lahmia the kingdom of Vampires came to an end and the Great Library was burned to the ground. The accumulated knowledge of the ancient Nehekhara was destroyed and many of the disciples of W'soran died in the flames, reluctant to abandon their work. Unfortunately for the...
  15. YakTribe

    Lahmian Undead 1.0

    Long ago, the nobles of Lahmia stole the secret of the elixir of eternal life from the Great Necromancer, Nagash, during the war in which he was expelled from the land of Nehekhara. Over time, corrupted by the secret they had stolen, they became the first true vampires and were themselves driven...
  16. YakTribe

    Core Warbands Fixed 1.0

    Community fixes including costs, skill changes, rule changes for the following Warbands: Mercenaries Witch Hunters Sisters of Sigmar Undead Cult of the Possessed Skaven Clan Eshin
  17. spike

    Vampire Bloodlines

    I am thinking about running an Undead warband in a new campaign, and I'm considering the bloodline rules. Anybody ever use them before? Specifically I am thinking about using the Necrarch rules. Seems cool, but then again, does it detract to much to lose the vampire as a close combat powerhouse?