1. W

    Bug Hired Guns missing equipment options

    Noticed today that Hive Scum cannot take grenades when being hired. Also, Bounty Hunters can't the Armoured Undersuits which they should be able to buy.
  2. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  3. 20220324_214458-01.jpeg


  4. 20220318_203723.jpg


    WiP champion. White...
  5. Escher Champion

    Escher Champion

    WiP champion. What idiot chooses white?
  6. Melta gunner

    Melta gunner

  7. Melta gunner

    Melta gunner

  8. Melta gunner

    Melta gunner

  9. Tech Merchant or Ammo Jack

    Tech Merchant or Ammo Jack

  10. Tech Merchant or Ammo Jack

    Tech Merchant or Ammo Jack

  11. Van Saar archeotek

    Van Saar archeotek

  12. Van Saar Archeotek

    Van Saar Archeotek

  13. Van Saar champion

    Van Saar champion

    Was going to be a smaller Arachni rig but too small now the official one is out. So maybe a Spider rig?
  14. Van Saar prospects

    Van Saar prospects

  15. 20220222_150300.jpg


    Van Saar prospects
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  17. 0806211909~2.jpg


  18. Grognard Gluefingers

    Necromunda Secret project: Habzone Quandary

    Hi Yaks, I am closing in on the unveiling of... The biggest model underhive city in the whole Spire! I have been hard at work the last three years scratch building terrain to a painstaking level of care. In addition, I have three decades worth of largely scratch built terrain. It's so...
  19. More_underhivers.jpg


    Future underhive citizens from Statuesque and Hasslefree Miniatures.
  20. Mann_Alotta_Mills.jpg


    Mann Kleevage, Alotta Kleevage, Mills