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  2. Grognard Gluefingers

    Necromunda Secret project: Habzone Quandary

    Hi Yaks, I am closing in on the unveiling of... The biggest model underhive city in the whole Spire! I have been hard at work the last three years scratch building terrain to a painstaking level of care. In addition, I have three decades worth of largely scratch built terrain. It's so...
  3. More_underhivers.jpg


    Future underhive citizens from Statuesque and Hasslefree Miniatures.
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    Mann Kleevage, Alotta Kleevage, Mills
  5. julezwr

    N18 Necromunda gang vehicles

    I'm working on converting a genestealer cult rockgrinder truck into a necromunda gang truck. Anyone got any necromunda vehicles they have made that they can share a photo of and give a bit of background?
  6. julezwr

    N18 Julez's Necromunda kitbash extravaganza

    Finished my Necromunda scavvy/mutant gang. Kitbashed from multiple different unit sprues with a bit of greenstuff and guitar string added! I tried to paint them in the style of the 90’s necromunda/scavvy gangs. Here’s how they turned out!
  7. Zone mortalis walls so far

    Zone mortalis walls so far

  8. Rusty zone mortalis wall

    Rusty zone mortalis wall

  9. Zone mortalis walls 2

    Zone mortalis walls 2

  10. Zone mortalis walls 1

    Zone mortalis walls 1

  11. R

    N18 First Cawdor Narrative List

    Hey, This is my first ever Necromunda list for a campaign with a bunch of friends who are also new to the system. I chose Cawdor just because I love the idea of a load of super poor zealots beating people with recycled trash. Any advice welcome! • Leader - The Father - 105 Mesh armour - 15...
  12. Malo

    Necromunda Miniwargaming Necromunda Narrative Campaign

    Miniwargaming is at it again with another Necromunda campaign, but this time it's a special narrative version! And as YakTribe is a great source of Necromunda info, community and the gang management tools, they've also sponsored us to let you know all about it. See Episode 1 here free, and join...
  13. K

    Help me arm my juve

    Greetings! I recently started building my Escher gang and wanted to converter a Godsworn Hunt model to serve as a juve. Now i can't decide what to arm her with. I'm torn between dual laspistols vs laspistol/stiletto knife. Some folks on IG told me to go dual pistols, but would that be...
  14. R

    N18 Precision hit skill + Rapid fire

    Do you have input on what happens to a rapid fire shot that rolls natural 6 to hit and more than one hit on the number of hits. (Can also hit two different targets) Do they all ignore armour or just some? :/ Opinions?
  15. Necromunda tiles

    Necromunda tiles

    A WiP of the tiles I'm doing for my underhive/ZM board
  16. Necromunda Tiles

    Necromunda Tiles

    DIY Zone Mortalis tiles
  17. Necromunda Tiles

    Necromunda Tiles

    DIY Zone Mortalis tiles
  18. fettFace

    Necromunda 2 Part Resin Suggestions Please

    Hi yakkers! I would really appreciate some help, if you please. I have a plan to incorporate chemical vat type features into some underhive terrain of mine. A few years back i did buy some for a dystopian wars sea tile set, but unfortunately I can't remember what is was or where i got it from...
  19. Underhive


  20. Underhive