1. Jahenna Vampire 04 censored - Copy.jpg

    Jahenna Vampire 04 censored - Copy.jpg

    reaper miniatures jahenna, vampire- painted c2021
  2. Vampires!


    Time for some paint... They've looked like this for years.
  3. Blood Knight #2, Face

    Blood Knight #2, Face

  4. Blood Knight #2, Masque of the Red Death

    Blood Knight #2, Masque of the Red Death

  5. Blood Knight #2, Right

    Blood Knight #2, Right

  6. Blood Knight #2, Left

    Blood Knight #2, Left

  7. Blood Knight #2, Front

    Blood Knight #2, Front

  8. Ardavion

    To kitbash, convert, or purchase: "modern-looking" vampires

    I'm looking at starting a Vampire gang for Necromunda; miniature wise I've got thralls sorted, but the vampires have got me in a quandary. While there are a lot of vampire models out there, the ones I've seen are very much in the fantasy vein, and specifically are vampires making lots of grand...
  9. YakTribe

    Vampires 1.0

    Many believe that the vampiric curse has been wiped out among the nobles in the Empire and that only Sylvania still holds Vampires. This is far from the truth as many lesser Vampires have spent centuries sleeping in coffins in the basements of a merchant or craftsman. There exists a Dark...
  10. YakTribe

    Survivors of Strigos 1.0

    The long-ago destruction of Mourkain scattered a people to the wind. These now nomadic people, known as Strigany, travel through the human kingdoms in small caravans and live off the land. Their legends still remember the golden-age when the 'undying king' was reigning over a rich and powerful...
  11. YakTribe

    Necrarchs, the Soul Stealers 1.0

    With the destruction of Lahmia the kingdom of Vampires came to an end and the Great Library was burned to the ground. The accumulated knowledge of the ancient Nehekhara was destroyed and many of the disciples of W'soran died in the flames, reluctant to abandon their work. Unfortunately for the...
  12. YakTribe

    Necrarchs 1.0

    At the height of his reign, Maldred's court was rumoured to house one of the largest libraries in Brettonia. Though his collection of historical tomes was legendary, far more interesting were the whispers of dark grimoires and codicies Maldred harboured in his private chambers. Of all the...
  13. YakTribe

    Lahmian Undead 1.0

    Long ago, the nobles of Lahmia stole the secret of the elixir of eternal life from the Great Necromancer, Nagash, during the war in which he was expelled from the land of Nehekhara. Over time, corrupted by the secret they had stolen, they became the first true vampires and were themselves driven...
  14. YakTribe

    Blood Dragons 1.0

    The Vampires dwelling in Bretonnia are mostly of the clan of Abhorash, the reclusive father of the Blood Dragons. In the cursed city of Mousillon the Blood Dragons are primarily the progeny of the infamous Red Duke of Aquitaine. Having been vanquished at the battle of Ceren Fields the Duke plots...
  15. Anthony

    LRB Vampyre Sect v1.0

    Rules for running a gang of vampires. Well not real vampires in the WFB sense, instead, a particular Immaterium creature attaches iteself to a human host and in return for offering inhuman abilities it forces a thirst upon him for human psychic energy which the host drains through drinking fresh...
  16. YakTribe

    ORB B'Ufi the Vampire Slayer Reformatted

    It appears that bloodsucking abominations are not confined to Necromunda alone. Several months ago a young female offworlder known as B'Ufi was first seen in the Underhive. On many occasions since, she has been seen tracking down the two-legged leeches in the darkest depths of the Hive Bottom...
  17. YakTribe

    ORB Ultraviole(n)t! 2014-03-09

    The perils of the Underhive are many, ranging from natural hazards like acid rain and hivequakes to the more deadly fauna like Ripperjacks. A careless traveller will also encounter danger in the form of Ratskins on the warpath, escaped Pit Slaver, sinister Wyrd Gatherings and, of course, the...