van saar

  1. Nygan DuVall

    Nygan DuVall

    A Van Saar Gunfighter Leader
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    N18 Gunfighter build, spending xp

    Hi all, thanks to the new XP gain rules I'm lucky enough to have a decent chunk of xp on my van saar champion! Currently has gunfighter skill and my choices are a toughness increase or buy hip shooting......I'm leaning towards hip shooting to get as much mobility in to the gang as...
  4. Lucius (Prime)

    Lucius (Prime)

  5. WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    Radical Dishes Van Saar Gang
  6. Its Always shady in the fang

    Its Always shady in the fang

    Gang at campaign start
  7. The gangs all here

    The gangs all here

  8. Finished van saar gang.

    Finished van saar gang.

    Just in time for the campaign
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  17. Dr. Angstrom ii-b

    Dr. Angstrom ii-b

    Screens are a work in progress still trying out different colors and code designs.
  18. Dr. Angstrom ii-a

    Dr. Angstrom ii-a

    More paint
  19. Envoy Octavinum ii-b

    Envoy Octavinum ii-b

    Side view
  20. Envoy Octavinum ii-a

    Envoy Octavinum ii-a

    Xenarch Death-Arch lightning added.