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    N18 Gunfighter on twin pistols or not?

    Thinking about dual pistol VS champs......given their high BS, is gunfighter really necessary (if I'm ok to drop the ability to independently target 2 enemies)?......would it be better taking an alternative skill at creation and pick up gunfighter later? E.g. hip shooting (but I do then get a...
  2. edster_VS


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    N18 Campaign Van Saar list : Hip shooting pistols?

    Hello, starting a campaing with 2 friends this week-end, I wanted to go with this : 1. Leader (Hip Shooting): Plasma pistol, Laspistol, Mesh Armor, Bodyglove [200] 2. Champion (Hip Shooting): Plasma Pistol, Laspistol, Mesh Armor, Bodyglove [180] 3. Champion (Hip Shooting): Plasma Pistol...
  4. Ion Weavers

    Ion Weavers

    Goatmoerser - Van Saar
  5. MrMcKinley__20220503_203047~2.jpg


    Mr. McKinley, Sub-Tek
  6. DrKortchmar_radBeamer_20220423_033805~3.jpg


    Doctor Kortchmar, Archeotek, with Rad Beamer
  7. MrDaghlian_20220423_033342.jpg


    Mr. Daghlian, Sub-Tek
  8. Conyehn_20220423_033805~4.jpg


    Conyehn, cyberachnid
  9. Merimangë_20220423_034303~2.jpg


    Merimangë, cyberachnid
  10. AsReifenstahl_20220421_234406~2.jpg


    Assistant Reifenstahl, NeoTek
  11. MrOswalt_T2_20220419_031627~2.jpg


    Mr. Oswalt, Sub-Tek
  12. Dr Fleischman_20220419_030525~2.jpg

    Dr Fleischman_20220419_030525~2.jpg

    Dr. Fleischman, Tek
  13. MsSlotin_20220419_031234~2.jpg


    Ms. Slotin, Sub-Tek
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    N18 New player - Advice on Van Saar list building

    Hey everyone! So I'm pretty much new to necromunda and today, I finally got my first Van Saar box. I was getting ready to assemble and magnetize everything first and then figure out a 1k credit list for a campaign with friends (they'll be playing Escher and Palanites). Checking the box content...
  15. Smirnov_20220413_023856~2.jpg


    Mr. Smirnoff, Sub-Tek
  16. Arachni_Rig_20220410_170046.jpg


    Operator Ericsson
  17. Van Saar Leader

    Van Saar Leader

  18. Van Saar Gangers

    Van Saar Gangers

  19. Van Saar Armourer

    Van Saar Armourer

  20. Van Saar with pistols

    Van Saar with pistols