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    N18 First Gang Ever- Van Saar

    Hello fellow underlings. I've bought myself a van saar box and I'm sat trying not to just build what looks cool straight away. I've had a crack at the gang builder here (what's a normal point limit?) So far I've got Leader, combimelta and trickshot skill Champ, grav gun and hip fire Champ...
  2. My 9 year old finished his first van saar!

    My 9 year old finished his first van saar!

  3. SetNewSuns.jpg


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    N18 Van Saar or Enforcers?

    Hello I'm planning to start Necromunda and I'm still thinking about choosing between the VS, and PE, but I can't choose what to take. What is more interesting to play, in your opinion? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each of the two, that are not obvious from the basic rules and unit...
  5. TheNewSunsChamp1.jpg


  6. TheNewSunsGanger1.jpg


  7. Van Saar gang - Black Howlers.jpeg

    Van Saar gang - Black Howlers.jpeg

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    Van Saar arachno-rig
  9. Juve (Stub Gun / Autopistol) - Blue

    Juve (Stub Gun / Autopistol) - Blue

  10. Ganger (Autogun / Las Pistol)

    Ganger (Autogun / Las Pistol)

  11. Specialist (Heavy Stubber)

    Specialist (Heavy Stubber)

  12. Ganger (Autogun)

    Ganger (Autogun)

  13. Juve (Stub Pistol / Auto Pistol)

    Juve (Stub Pistol / Auto Pistol)

  14. Ganger (Autogun)

    Ganger (Autogun)

  15. Champion (Plasma Cannon)

    Champion (Plasma Cannon)

  16. Ganger (Shotgun)

    Ganger (Shotgun)

  17. Ganger (Rifle)

    Ganger (Rifle)

  18. Juve (Las Pistol)

    Juve (Las Pistol)

  19. Ganger (Autogun/Las Pistol)

    Ganger (Autogun/Las Pistol)

  20. Leader