van saar

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    Plasmaster Picard.jpg

    Jean-Luc Picard... Mysteriously stranded on Necromunda... "I must find answers, prime directive be damned!"
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    Tempest (Gunfighter Champion) - front view
  16. V

    N17 Have a look at my list? (Van Saar)

    I think I am going with this list to start a campaign. I wanted to go for 7-8 fighters, and was able to get 8. I don't think the pistol Champ with Gunslinger is optimal because of the short range of pistols, but I just think she's cool. Impressions? I'll be fighting Escher and Goliath. Thanks...
  17. C

    Wespenstaffle Van Saar

    These are my wip van saar gang the Wespenstaffle Hope you guys approve :) I'm underhiver on Instagram and Chris Iddon on Facebook where I can be found on most necromunda boards.
  18. C

    "Kriegsspinne" my take on the arachni-rig.

    Incy wincy by Crowgod posted Apr 1, 2019 at 4:38 PMHi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place I'm a techno phone. This is my own take on the arachni-rig for my Van saar gang the "Wespenstaffle". I've christened her "Kriegsspinne" . I wanted to create something that could fit on walkways and...
  19. icekarim

    N18 Making a proper starting gang for van saar

    So I'm looking for some thoughts/guideline for building a van saar gang at 1000 credits. As it stands, I'm finding them super had to make at that points level. Here is what I've come up with so far, thoughts?
  20. P

    N18 Modifying the Van Saar / Gang Manager

    So after getting close to two dozen games into my first campaign and getting a feel for the new Van Saar,.. they need some tweaking. The number of times I utter “on a 2+”, “2+ to hit” or “hits on a 2+” has gotten embarrassing. I find myself not adding hit modifiers just to have the odd 3+ or...