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  2. Van Saar steppenwolves

    Van Saar steppenwolves

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  5. Lord_Ikka

    N18 Van Saar- Rad outfit help

    I'm looking to build a fun, themed Van Saar list. I know that the "ideal" VS list is plasma plasma plasma, but I don't play Necromunda to be the best, I play it for fun and crazy happenings. So, I want to run a rad phage list- use the weakness of the STC to destroy the House's enemies...
  6. M

    N18 Making tactics card decks for core Gangs + enforcers

    I'm trying to be the entry point for anyone who wishes to play Necromunda in my area. And it's also kind of a personal pet project/dream of mine to have. So I bought all 6 gangs and there special units boxes, along with a healthy amount of enforcers (1-Escher, 2-Orlock, 3-Van saar, 4-Cawdor...
  7. Nygan DuVall

    Nygan DuVall

    A Van Saar Gunfighter Leader
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  9. T

    N18 Gunfighter build, spending xp

    Hi all, thanks to the new XP gain rules I'm lucky enough to have a decent chunk of xp on my van saar champion! Currently has gunfighter skill and my choices are a toughness increase or buy hip shooting......I'm leaning towards hip shooting to get as much mobility in to the gang as...
  10. Lucius (Prime)

    Lucius (Prime)

  11. WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 11.04.41.jpeg

    Radical Dishes Van Saar Gang
  12. Its Always shady in the fang

    Its Always shady in the fang

    Gang at campaign start
  13. The gangs all here

    The gangs all here

  14. Finished van saar gang.

    Finished van saar gang.

    Just in time for the campaign
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