1. Chapel of Rust

    Chapel of Rust

  2. GypsyTron

    Necromunda No way to set vehicle Locomotion

    Title says it all. Also, there isn't any vehicle that has the option to use the anti grav generators, what gives? Do we think this was just a typo?
  3. Arvus backside

    Arvus backside

  4. 20240223_143910.jpg


    Arvus Lighter
  5. Ash Wastes

    Ash Wastes

    Like many Orlock gangs, the Leviathan Fists are as active in the wastes as in the underhives.
  6. VanKieft

    N18 Characters (regular gang members) on vehicles. Crew Displacement

    Running through the rules on Vehicles I began of course to think about the Road Warrior, or Mad Max or Car Wars (yes I am that old) or however you visualize the Vehicles in Necromunda and the approach seemed a bit lean. I get that for the most part that our road battles have a few different...
  7. Alobar

    N18 Escher gang in the ash wastes. starting vehicle options

    hey dudes have got a campaign coming up, ash wastes, 1000 creds. my plan is a single heavy vehicle with a flat bed, and 7 fighters who can all fit on board. no extra guns or anything else on the vehicle. no other upgrades nor orher vehicles. the cutters are ace but expensive and...
  8. Taken_shape_August2023.jpg


  9. Ash_Wastes_Enforcer_Rig.jpg


  10. Scrapjack Nyx in Salvage Walker Scraphound.JPG

    Scrapjack Nyx in Salvage Walker Scraphound.JPG

  11. Old Dyl and Hardcase Mae on the Slate Runner.JPG

    Old Dyl and Hardcase Mae on the Slate Runner.JPG

  12. A

    N18 Melta trait Vs vehicles

    Hello, I have a question about the Melta against vehicle. It's write that (Marketplaces of Necromunda): [...] If a Short range attack from a weapon with this Trait wounds a vehicle, roll an additional Damage dice. [...] My question is: - This dice is a additionnal dice like I have Damage +1. -...
  13. C

    N18 Experience for Crews

    Probably I‘m missing something, but I cannot find any reference in ghe GW books, how a crew of a vehicle can spend their XP. Like Gangers, like Champion/Leaders or do they have their own table? Can somebody help me with that?
  14. Long buggy 3

    Long buggy 3

    Who let da grot drive da buggy?
  15. Long buggy 2

    Long buggy 2

    Who let da grot drive da buggy?
  16. Long buggy 1

    Long buggy 1

    Who let da grot drive da buggy?
  17. julezwr

    N18 Necromunda gang vehicles

    I'm working on converting a genestealer cult rockgrinder truck into a necromunda gang truck. Anyone got any necromunda vehicles they have made that they can share a photo of and give a bit of background?
  18. O

    NCE Sump Seepage: slap some paint on and call 'er done. we gotta show the innernet!

    Welcome to my picture log of necromunda projects. The first few posts will be of vehicles that I have been making over the past few years. Before this I have not had a place to share these. Please pardon this posting of old new things. Future posts will hopefully cover my ongoing exploration of...
  19. O

    NCE Building the Necromundan Ash Waste Battlebus

    -The Ash Waste Battlebus ready for vehicular mayhem in the ash wastes. Please read on below for a description of how it got built. “No, none of these will do,” rasps the grizzled gang leader as he limps down the final row of surplus vehicles with the shantytown salesmech. “Just look at these...
  20. Dorchester dismounting.jpg

    Dorchester dismounting.jpg