1. I

    N17 Necromunda Vehicle Rules Reference 2022-05-26

    This is a summary of the vehicle rules added in Ash Wastes, I wanted to get all of them in a more searchable, easier to read format. Everything is summarized so let me know if I got anything wrong, I will update the document.
  2. L

    Mutie Chariots

    Gorkamorka Mutie Raiders don't use vehicles. It's the main thing that differentiates them from the other types of mob (Apart from the fan-made ork Snortas). However, the Mutie Beasts have definite limitations, in that they are incapable of carrying fixed weapons and you can't easily have...
  3. julezwr

    N18 Necromunda gang vehicles

    I'm working on converting a genestealer cult rockgrinder truck into a necromunda gang truck. Anyone got any necromunda vehicles they have made that they can share a photo of and give a bit of background?
  4. Petitioner's City

    N17 Ash Wastes Rules 1.0

    Hi all, this supplement allows you to play battles in the Ash Wastes during your campaigns of Necromunda, as a kind of ‘plug in and play’ set of rules that can be used in ongoing or new campaign. These rules owe a lot to Gorkamorka, the original Ash Wastes rules presented in Citadel Jounral...
  5. Orks1.JPGBommerz over da Sulphur River - ork fighters 2

    Orks1.JPGBommerz over da Sulphur River - ork fighters 2

    Vanguard Miniatures 6mm Skinnerz fighters - counts-as fighta-bommerz
  6. Orks1.JPGBommerz over da Sulphur River - ork fighters 1

    Orks1.JPGBommerz over da Sulphur River - ork fighters 1

    Vanguard Miniatures 6mm Skinnerz fighters - counts-as fighta-bommerz
  7. Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Imperial fighters

    Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Imperial fighters

    Vanguard Miniatures 6mm Javelin fighters - counts-as thundrbolts
  8. Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Game

    Bommerz over da Sulphur River - Game

    Mocked up game
  9. MancInventor

    NCE Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack 2019-03-20

    Campaign book containing rules for Necromunda Vehicles, the Preacher hired gun and special characters Olex Quinto and Angelique D'Alessandro. Also a unique campaign framework covering a fight for survival against starvation and a whole load of background fluff. Enjoy. P.S. Please be aware...
  10. H

    Beta - Vehicle Rules for the Underhive

    Hi all, we are currently using these vehicle rules for our Necromunda campaign and they're playing out pretty well so far. Each of the games they have been used in have involved me as Arbitrator meaning that any rule issues that come up I can quickly make a judgement call on...
  11. Ardavion

    How small are the original trukks?

    I've acquired some old Ork trukks as part of potential yakday attendance, and I'm surprised at how small the trukks are; you can barely fit any models in the back. I understand that they're originally meant for the slimmer bases, but even in that case I'm thinking not many minis would fit on...
  12. Kon-rad

    Buggiez, Big Rigz, Skimaz, Flyaz and Legz 1.0 2018-02-09

    These are a set of expanded vehicle rules for Gorkamorka currently (albeit slowly) being test played and edited by our local group. The basic Bike/Trakk/Trukk trinity of Da Roolz is replaced by a more detailed system. A basic outline of the system follows. When buying a vehicle for your Mob...
  13. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 16 "Pop Culture"

    "Talk about...Pop Muzik!"* Welcome to YakTribe Competition 16 - (kind of**) chosen by @KungFuPanda after winning the last one with "Run You Rats" :D OK, here is the deal for this one - make something / Paint Something that is based or themed on Pop Culture! It could be a Movie, a Comic, a TV...
  14. djmothra

    Competition YakComp 15 "The BFG"

    Welcome to the 15th YakTribe Competition - this time chosen by @Mad Sergeant for his winning Escher Juve entry in the last competition. Now, this one could be a possible continuation of the last one - or not, it's totally up to you :) YakTribe Competition 15 "THE BFG!" (Miniature / Terrain /...
  15. Blood Donor

    NCE Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules Vehicle Rules v1.6

    Streamlined Necromunda Vehicle Rules offer easy to follow rules for designing and using vehicles in either the more vast expanses of the Ash Wastes or in scenarios within the depths of the Underhive. A tailored mash-up of the Ash Waste/ Gorkamorka vehicle rules and the Simplified Vehicle Rules...
  16. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Simplified vehicle rules version 3 SVRs [4]

    so this is the most up to date rules I have of the SVR's I am still play testing but cant think what else needs to be added as yet. enjoy :]
  17. YakTribe

    ORB Get Yer Motor Runnin' 2014-03-11

    The Underhive is a very strange place, with a bizarre mix of extremely advanced technology, primitive crossbows, and stone-age clubs. None of this technology was invented, all was imported from the rest of the Imperium. There are almost no means of transportation in the Underhive besides walking...