1. Lord_Ikka

    N18 First gang, themed Venators

    My first gang for a league starting up next week (mix of vets and newbies like me). Going for a theme of an Inquisition cell tasked with infiltrating the Underhive. Cell is composed of ex-gangers, wastelanders, and indentured tech-clan warriors. Primary Skills are Cunning and Ferocity. Just...
  2. 20230517_192724.jpg


    Kroot from Killteam member of the Venator gang
  3. Chainsword and mech bird front.JPG

    Chainsword and mech bird front.JPG

    Squat venator w/chainsword and eventually demo charge. House Orlock legacy.
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  6. Beee-nators  Líder

    Beee-nators Líder

  7. Beee-nators


  8. Guardia Ducal.jpg

    Guardia Ducal.jpg

    Loyalty & Sacrifice
  9. Í

    N18 Venators questions.

    Hi all! Im a newbie who wants to start a campaign with my friends. I would like to play a Venators gang based on tactical shooting (Van Saar Profile) but i dont know if this is possible or not cause Van Saar are just best for shoot play. I had read some posts about Venators, but still have...
  10. Whole Crew - mid campaign round 1

    Whole Crew - mid campaign round 1

    Groupshot after 4 games - 2 extra gangers, 1 pet from the Xenos Beast racket, 0 deaths, 0 kills, 0 prisoners Our local campaign counts a campaign week as a month, and uses extra
  11. Rogue Freelancers - Crew

    Rogue Freelancers - Crew

    Left to right: Scion Grimbold (2), Private Caaan (3), Rorky Rawgrimson (2), Trooper H0b-B1T (4), Crewman Turon (3), Scion Tuckley (4)
  12. Rogue Freelancers - Leader & Champions

    Rogue Freelancers - Leader & Champions

    Left: Scoutmaster Baad Maac, Hunt Champion (3), Centre: Sgt Brahamson, Hunt Leader (2) w. Grapplehawk exotic pet, right: Quartermaster Angus McBaggley, Hunt Champion (4)
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  14. feb2020fysc.jpg


    February 2020 FYSC entry * 5 Beastmen Venators * 10 Possessed
  15. thanejaw

    N18 Venators in Uprising Campaign - House Weapons List is the Trading Post - Unbalanced?

    hey there - I'm planning the next campaign at the club and trying to pre-empt gaminess - we'll be doing a Dark Uprising campaign which is grand. My one concern is that a few people want to play Venators - which is fine - however their HWL is the Trading post - which no one else gets access to...
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  17. GraaEminense

    N18 Venators in campaigns?

    How do Venators work in a Dominion campaign? I am well aware that their rules were written for Turf War and never upgraded, but there are other issues as well. How do people get them to work? 1) They can't hold Turf (no one does) or Special Territories (no one does). They get money for their...
  18. W

    N18 Venators

    Hello all. Had a few games earlier..... we're still adjusting to the new rulebooks, and basically couldn't work out how to use the dominion campaign rules with only 2 of us, so we decided to just play a few games and see what happened. I'm a bit green while my pal plays a bit more regularly...
  19. M

    Venator Arbites/Enforcers feedback

    I'm starting a short campaign soon to get my group (and myself) up to speed on the new rules and gauge interest/build excitement for a longer campaign heavier on Arbitrator scenarios and general hijinx. So far, I've got four players more or less locked- my own Goliaths, a Chaos Cult, a...
  20. M

    Venators rules questions

    So i'm new and a little confused. Do Venators have a juve equivalent or just the gangers(hunters)? If i'm reading correctly then hunters advance every 6xp until a 2 or 12 is rolled just like gangers, in which they become specialists. So essencially the "quick learner" rule that eliminates the...