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  2. alphonse

    Warbands & Path to Heresy

    Hi guys! We will soon rework the warbands in N17 Inquismunda. Based on feedbacks from the community and players groups, there is a wish to get more freedom in the warband creation process. What direction to take? The V3.0 warbands revision by @Tiny was a big step toward this goal, getting rid...
  3. YakTribe

    Woodsmen De Artois 1.0

    Large tracts of Brettonia are covered by forest and woodland. These are owned by the Lords and Barons who let them to tenants to work. The people of the forests are more independent than their farming neighbours. Whilst paying their taxes to the landowners they are left alone to live as they see...
  4. YakTribe

    Wood Elves, The Asrai Wayfarers 1.5

    The Asrai have always been a secluded race. They usually keep to their deep forest of Athel Loren, rarely venturing forth except in the time of need or defense. However, despite their usual solitude, the Asrai still have means to the knowledge and secrets of the outside world; and it come...
  5. YakTribe

    Wood Elf Warband 1.0

    Wood Elf Captain Wood Elf Wardancers Wood Elf Waywatchers Wood Elf Youngblood Wood Elf Warriors
  6. YakTribe

    Wood Elves of Athel Loren 1.0

    Elves are never a static race, always ensuring their future by both passive and aggressive means. While many elders are content to sit and contemplate events for decades within the security of their wooden abodes, others seek a different path. Young and brash individuals often set out to strike...
  7. YakTribe

    Wood Elves of Arden 1.0

    "No… No…", Thuarindir steps forward. "Look how the arrow longs for the Target." Training the upstarts is also his duty, Thuarindir thinks. He nods confirmingly as his student puts the arrow at the hart of the target at 150 paces. Then he takes out 3 arrows; concentrates and they are away. One...
  8. YakTribe

    Vampires 1.0

    Many believe that the vampiric curse has been wiped out among the nobles in the Empire and that only Sylvania still holds Vampires. This is far from the truth as many lesser Vampires have spent centuries sleeping in coffins in the basements of a merchant or craftsman. There exists a Dark...
  9. YakTribe

    Vampire Hunters of Sylvania 1.0

    Death comes for each man. Nowhere is this more evident than the lands of Sylvania. The tyrannical reign of the Von Carsteins has held sway for generations, keeping man and beast cowering indoors once darkness falls. It is a dismal life that is lead in Sylvania, however it is often not over when...
  10. YakTribe

    Troll Broods 1.0

    Many races are drawn to Mordheim, all of them seeking Wyrdstone. Most sell it, some collect it, a scant few use it to gain favor, but one race has an entirely different use for Wyrdstone. There is one race that actually consumes Wyrdstone as food.... Trolls. Often seen as part of Orc or Goblin...
  11. YakTribe

    Tilean Mercenaries 1.0

    A Tilean warband is unlike any other warband that is present in Lustria. .A player can theme a Tilean war band to suit the needs of his campaign. Tilean warbands are often hired to explore the steamy jungles either by their patron city-state or by wealthy merchants or guilds. There are many...
  12. YakTribe

    Sylvanian Grave Robbers 1.0

    Dmitri's fingers twitched as he fiddled with the hammer and pry bar. The crude casket was half-rotten, but still kept it's contents sealed shut. Pushing down, he relieved the box of it's lid, and it's inhabitant sat upright, snarling. A wooden stake to it's chest laid it back to rest. Looking...
  13. YakTribe

    Survivors of Strigos 1.0

    The long-ago destruction of Mourkain scattered a people to the wind. These now nomadic people, known as Strigany, travel through the human kingdoms in small caravans and live off the land. Their legends still remember the golden-age when the 'undying king' was reigning over a rich and powerful...
  14. YakTribe

    Street Urchins 1.0

    Around any settlement you will find large gangs of youths that have to beg and steal to survive. These gangs are usually led by a mysterious man who goes by the nickname of The Fagin. Mordheim is no exception to this..
  15. YakTribe

    Stirland Mercenaries 1.0

    This warband uses Human Mercenaries rules but with a few additions for their focus on the Long Bow as a weapon
  16. YakTribe

    Slann 1.0

    Slann are amphibians, their bodies are thin with long limbs and webbed hands and feet. Their heads are large and frog-like with protruding eyes. Skin colors vary from green, blue, and sometimes yellow. In some areas they are mottled or carry black or dark red "tiger-stripes." Slann tribesmen...
  17. YakTribe

    Skin Flayers 1.0

    In all of recorded history, there are few Mercenary warriors who gain much notice. One such warband, however, is mentioned at length. These warriors are known as the Skin Flayers, and army lead by the Dark Prince, Vlad Tepes, the Dragon. Tepes has sent many small bands of these Mercenaries into...
  18. YakTribe

    Skaven of Clan Skryre 1.0

    The Warlock-Engineers of Clan Skryre spend their days tinkering with arcane machinery that are powered by a combination of magic, Warpstone fuel and Warplightning. They construct machinery for various tasks but they all have in common that they are unreliable and break down or explode all too...
  19. YakTribe

    Skaven of Clan Pestilens 1.0

    Clan Pestilens exist to spread plague and pestilence through their foul rites and experiments. They have been chosen by the Horned Rat himself as his Disciples of Decay and are responsible for more deaths than any other clan, mainly due to the plagues and diseases they have unleashed on the...
  20. YakTribe

    Skaven Warband 1.0

    The Council of Thirteen in Skavenblight has assigned Clan Eshin the mission to retrieve a sample of the Wyrdstone from the Manling City of Mordheim. However many Skavenlords want to lay a paw on some Wyrdstone for themselves. Yet they cannot send an army to the city because that would mean...