1. YakTribe

    Mage Warband 1.0

    From the Island of Sorcerers come mighty mages. After the school there fell, many groups splintered off and live throughout Araby and the Lands of the Dead, searching for more power. Commanding the elements with ease. They may be weak but they make up for it with their ability to mold the world...
  2. YakTribe

    The Lost 1.0

    Ever since Mousillon declined into the mire, there has been little to hold its inhabitants to the land. Yet the city is still occupied by the dregs of those unable or unwilling to leave. They eke out a living in the docks and in the little urban villages that subsist in the mud and the shadow of...
  3. YakTribe

    Loansharks 1.0

    Certain individuals too note that in a place of strife like Mordheim there will always be people in search of money to further their gains, or an attempt to save themselves from poverty. These enterprising individuals have come to be known in Mordheim, and around the world as Loansharks for they...
  4. YakTribe

    Lizardmen 1.0

    "Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling what the young races may do. They may even succeed in opening a vault and steal the precious artefacts. For some reason they ignore the precious written clay plates and ceremonial equipment...
  5. YakTribe

    Lahmian Undead 1.0

    Long ago, the nobles of Lahmia stole the secret of the elixir of eternal life from the Great Necromancer, Nagash, during the war in which he was expelled from the land of Nehekhara. Over time, corrupted by the secret they had stolen, they became the first true vampires and were themselves driven...
  6. YakTribe

    Iroquios 1.0

    Coming from the New World, usually under the patronage of Old World interests, particularly the Marienburgers, the Iroquois are a Confederation of Human Tribes living in a slightly primitive (for Old World standards) woodland culture, adapting themselves to their surroundings. The Iroquois...
  7. YakTribe

    Inquisition 1.0

    The Inquisition is a secretive organization whose members are bound by no Imperial law or authority except their own. The sole duty of the organization is to investigate any possible or potential threat to the future of humanity, and to take whatever measures it considers appropriate to expose...
  8. YakTribe

    Hobgoblins 1.0

    .....of the myriad dangers awaiting the traveler in the wastes of Araby, none can be considered more unsettling than an encounter with a roving band of nomadic Hobgoblins. These loathsome and cowardly creatures will track a caravan for days on end, only revealing themselves by the mournful...
  9. YakTribe

    High Elves Lustria 1.0

    The Citadel of Dusk was built for the dual purpose of guarding the seaways off the east coast of Lustria against incursions from the rest of the world, and as a staging post from which the High Elves could watch the movements of the Lizardmen and their Slann masters. Despite the High Elves’...
  10. YakTribe

    High Elf Warband 1.0

    From the White Tower the Loremasters drew their auguries: the Comet of Chaos, the Doombringer, the Dark Shard, plummeted towards the earth. Soon the Stargraphers pinpointed the place where it would hit: the city of mortal men called Mordheim. Worse, the fears of the High Loremaster were...
  11. YakTribe

    Harpies 1.0

    When the comet struck Mordheim, it carried a passenger. He was The Shadowlord, a daemon far more powerful than anything the world had seen before. He was not the only thing that crashed from the heavens into the city. A female, or something close to female, daemon came also. Her same was Siren.
  12. YakTribe

    Halflings 1.0

    Halflings are mostly a peaceful race, wishing nothing more than to eat (especially eat!), drink and be merry. They live in closely-knit communities and they are rarely troubled by other races. Sitting comfortably under an evening sun, one would most often see a Halfling sitting reclined under a...
  13. YakTribe

    Greenskin Warband 1.0

    "Itz time fer a bashing!" The Greenskins have been drawn to Mordheim along with the mercenaries. The meteor caught many eyes attention, and as the rumour spread more Orcs figured out that there would be a great bashing in that city and they wanted in on it. However with all the Empire Elector...
  14. YakTribe

    Night Goblins 1.0

    The greedy little runts known as Night Goblins are newcomers to the city of Mordheim, drawn there by their inherent acquisitive natures. They come in search of shinyshinies, of sparkly-sparkles, and the precious wyrdstone. Being slightly more intelligent than Orcs (which are only slightly...
  15. YakTribe

    Former Guardsmen 1.0

    In the wake of the destruction of the city of the damned there were few survivors of the city itself. Of these survivors some were guardsmen who decided to stay for many varied reasons. Some saw it as their duty still to stay behind and try to protect the few citizens who remained behind for...
  16. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins Lustria 1.0

    Forest Goblins are presumably the result of a lost expedition of Goblins that somehow tunneled their way to Lustria ages ago. They have completely adapted to their surroundings, learning stealth and camouflage to evade their Lizardmen and Amazon neighbors. They resist the invading warbands as...
  17. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins 2.0

    A different take on Forest Goblins
  18. YakTribe

    Forest Goblins 1.0

    Forest Goblins are able to create poisons with a precision surpassing even the Dark Elves. Their natural surroundings harbour any number of poisonous creatures, including the gigantic spiders they are rumoured to prod into combat with their enemies. Coating their weapons with deadly venom, the...
  19. YakTribe

    Fallen Dwarves 1.0

    During the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many dwarves were trapped within the warren of tunnels beneath the city during the skaven attack. They sealed themselves in a small network of caverns and were abandoned when those from the upper halls were forced to quit Karak Eight Peaks. Living in caves...
  20. YakTribe

    Dwarf Slayers 1.0

    Notes by Author: This warband may seem slightly, or very, unbalanced. This is because it is! Slayers scorn armour and missile weapons, favouring the cut and thrust of close combat. As a result, Slayers excel at this. When you play with a Slayer warband, you will find that you will be shot to...