1. K

    je cherche quelqu'un pour jouer ma première partie de Aos

    Salut, je suis nouveau dans le jeu, j'habite à Montréal et je voudrais connaître quelqu'un avec qui jouer des parties de warhammer aos, j'ai 2 armés
  2. Stripes


  3. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Some small progress this weekend. Start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To my opinion, you will never completely finish to paint a terrain. Especially big ones. The trick is to know where to stop.
  4. Pipes


    TO BE continued !
  5. Concrete and dirt

    Concrete and dirt

    The two tones I use much
  6. Painting has started

    Painting has started

    Another exciting part of the project, start to already comes alive.
  7. Black Coated

    Black Coated

    As Mick used to say, paint it black
  8. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Really happy about the branch I found that fit perfectly as a gothic scary dying tree.
  9. Connected Tree

    Connected Tree

    To keep it alive, engineers of the hive plug the tree to pipes, that is coming from the pound with a pump, though the Mausoleum to give it a mix of nutriments and chemicals. ( note to self, no scientific here, just a dreamer ahah)
  10. The Caban in the tree

    The Caban in the tree

    A universal kid's dream.
  11. Labyrinth


    There is many ways to move in this terrain and stay covered. Please roll up the sleeves when you move your figurine there ;)
  12. The pond

    The pond

    As you may know, I like water effect. In this terrain, i found out it was a pity to not being able to use the pond as a cover. So I will only add a small amount of resin at the end, like it's almost dried.
  13. Top view

    Top view

    Covers, I see covers everywhere.
  14. Kit bash watchtower

    Kit bash watchtower

    I had fun building this demolished watchtower composed by industrials train models, mdf barricades and other parts from 40k
  15. Wires and blasted doors

    Wires and blasted doors

    Scoubidou makes great cables for necromunda. There is a few access point to the church also.
  16. Underground


    Pretty excited by the underground passage under the Mausoleum. I will add details inside a the end.
  17. Done


    It's a warp. Pretty happy with the result and looking forward to test it in a game. There's a lot of entry point and climbing combinaison. I think it's a very playable for fights.