1. T

    N18 Hot shot packs - wargear?

    Hi - just trying to get a feel for if hot shot packs are considered wargear? (Is anything other than a weapon wargear?)......if they are then van Saar sub teks are eligible for a very handy upgrade as they can take wargear from the TP......
  2. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  3. U

    N18 Grenades - wargear or ranged weapons?

    Grenade trait says: Despite being Wargear, grenades are treated as a special type of ranged weapon. What the heck does that mean? Are they Wargear or weapons? Do they count toward your 3 allowed weapon slots? Can you Aim when throwing them? (I thought you previously couldn't.) Do Shooting...
  4. YellowSkin

    Adding / Removing wargear during campaign

    Our campaign group is currently having a discussion about the adding / removing of weapons for gangers and juves. The way we read the rules is that you are not allowed to remove any wargear (incl. weapons, grenades etc) but are free to add wargear (as long as you adhere to the wargear...
  5. alphonse

    N17 Inquisimunda - Wargear

    Hi guys, @abhorash is currently working on Wargear, including an amazing work on drugs ;) I'm trying to work on armours and I would like to get your opinion on two topics: 1. About the different armours: - In N17, there is several types of armours, ranging from 6+ to 4+, some with special...
  6. sumpthing

    GSC Wargear questions

    Hey guys Apologies if this has been posted, I have searched and not found an answer yet so... I was wondering if an aberrant can be given wargear - specifically can an aberrant be given a hazard suit and an extra arm? EDIT: I found the answer in YAQ, it appears that i can give these items to...