warhammer fantasy

  1. Basileus

    Warcry Rosters 1.0

    Print-friendly custom roster versions from the Core Book. Includes warband, heroes, fighters, encampments and tornament rosters.
  2. K

    je cherche quelqu'un pour jouer ma première partie de Aos

    Salut, je suis nouveau dans le jeu, j'habite à Montréal et je voudrais connaître quelqu'un avec qui jouer des parties de warhammer aos, j'ai 2 armés
  3. R

    Free stuff (Sorry UK and collection from Manchester).

    Hey guys, I've moved out of the country and I've had to downsize my collection of stuff so I'm giving it away free to a good home. Please P.M what you'd like and to arrange a collection date. If you'd like any more info please ask on the thread. Please note first come first dibs. Available...
  4. Condottiero Magno

    Regarding Curs'd Ettin and Giant base sizes for WFB and AoS...

    Missed out buying the Curs'd Ettin from Froge World, but have an hefty metal Ettin from WotC... Wasn't the Curs'd Ettin the same size as the plastic giant, so on a 50mm x 75mm base? In AoS the base sizes don't make any sense: the Chaos Siege Giant, despite having the body of the plastic...
  5. Condottiero Magno

    Was Marianna Chevaux intended for another Warhammer Fantasy range?

    Finally acquired a "reasonably priced" Marianna Chevaux off an eBay store and the tab says "female pirate" instead of "vampire." Was GW planning a fantasy pirate range, but dropped it for some reason? I have the pirate captain and still looking for the Sartosa vampire and zombie.
  6. Biggle_Bear

    Is the old world the 40k tera?

    I've been pondering. Is the world of Warhammer fantasy the Tera that mankind came from? I have a few thoughts but what are your theories that support or contradict this idea? The only rule I can really see is that as mankind reaches the 40k era the elves, dwarves, orcs, etc must already be long...
  7. Rusty101

    The Rusty Dungeon Quest

    Well I've been away a while and didn't think there was a place for the work I've been doing here at Yak. How wrong I was, had no idea blood doner had set up a Quest Forum! Even if it was an elaborate way to get the video of the Bard published on Yak. So the following are photos of Quest models...
  8. G

    My convererted Minotur collection

    My wife got me a box of Warhammer fantasy Minoturs for me to convert over for Blood bowl. Here are my assembled models: http://imgur.com/a/CxtOJ The one with downward curling horns if for my chorfs, spikey back is for chaos, and punching dagger is Blackhoof