1. Basileus

    Warcry Rosters 1.0

    Print-friendly custom roster versions from the Core Book. Includes warband, heroes, fighters, encampments and tornament rosters.
  2. Crowbarr

    New Ork miniature company from Australia

    Hey everyone, just found this amazing small company called Mekka Miniatures, they're releasing cast models and 3d digital files every month, these are some of their new releases from february. Sign up to their patreon at www.patreon.com/mekkaminiatures or visit their store mekkaminis.etsy.com
  3. Battle Mages

    Battle Mages

    Still to be varnished.
  4. Handgunners WIP

    Handgunners WIP

    Quick work on Handgunners. Still to do the finishing touches.
  5. Black Dragon right

    Black Dragon right

    Green stuff horns Rakarth the Beastlord on Black Dragon model
  6. Black Dragon left

    Black Dragon left

    Green stuff in grooves on Rakarth the Beastlord on Black Dragon model
  7. Nurgle tea party pt.1

    Nurgle tea party pt.1

    The pink wizard is one of my favourite miniatures of all time. Painted in 1996 to act as a necromancer lord for my WHFB Undead horde. I believe it's from a set of AD&D adventurers by Grenadier? Just added a skull to his staff.
  8. Aulenback

    Chariot Races 2019-04-11

    From Citadel Journal 42, a mini-game of chariot races by Space McQuirk, based on Warhammer chariots of that year's edition, but suitable as a mini-game for Empire In Flames and Nemesis Crown games of Mordheim. And, I suppose, for particularly brutal sessions, down a cluttered Mordheim street...
  9. G

    My convererted Minotur collection

    My wife got me a box of Warhammer fantasy Minoturs for me to convert over for Blood bowl. Here are my assembled models: http://imgur.com/a/CxtOJ The one with downward curling horns if for my chorfs, spikey back is for chaos, and punching dagger is Blackhoof
  10. Llewy

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle Sixth Edition

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle was the game that began it all for me and will always have a special place in my heart! Because of how old I am, when I first got into the hobby, we began playing 4th edition, then switched up to 5th when it came out, and I think I'd more of less moved on by the time 6th...
  11. Narwhal King

    Warhammer 40k 8e Army Selection Help

    I am thinking about getting into 40k, and have narrowed the armies I'm considering to four; Death Guard, Night Lords, World Bearers, and Tanith First and Only. I need help deciding between these four.
  12. A

    Hive World and Imperial Society Warhammer 40k History and Lore

    Hello all I have started a lore and gaming channel. I think you will like the latest episode in relation to Necromunda. Please take a look and subscribe if you like it. Thanks ABorderPrince
  13. The Duke

    PETA wants to ban warhammer furs on models

    I would have liked to have posted this in the "Briefing Room" but for some reason I don't have the ability to post a thread up there (most odd indeed....) can someone with the POWAH! move this for me please? (and maybe investigate / inform me why I cannae post!?) - So a friend posted this up...
  14. M

    Some questions from Odessa`s "Sothern Legion"

    Greetings, friends. I`ve got some questions about Mordheim and Border Town Burning(BTB) settlements and some special types. This questions mostly aren`t new, but we`ve still got discussions about them. So, here they are: 1) Does a crossbow pistol "shoots" in close combat (does it mean that the...