1. Klomster

    Kustom gun 1

    You always wanted a snazzy ded killy gun. This might be it. No way of knowing, this is a fully randomized shooty bit that your warrior... somehow.... got hold of.
  2. T

    N18 How does Firestorm work ?

    Hey, I was wondering about the ruling of Firestorm and how to choose the target. For example the closest target it picked in the firestorm, but if while resolving damage the first closest target dies due to said damage is another target (the next closest) then picked as the new firestorm damage...
  3. cardyfreak

    N17 Living trading post 2021-12-05

    The official trading post in living document format.
  4. G

    N18 Starting Orlocks, help is needed :)

    Hi all, long story short question. I actually own 2 times the Orlock Gang Box, and both FW Weapon Sets. Now I am thinking what to choose and how to build them, can you give me some advice? I don't really wanna build up some dead models which I will never play, u know what I mean? Greetings...
  5. 20200527_115323.jpg


    Yes I just started to make an Escher chainsword out of bread clips. . .
  6. M

    Missing rules - f.e. - serrated blade

    Hi, in the Cawdor gang box there are two serrated blades. (The circular blade with a short grip.) Maybe I am blind or stupid, but I cannot find the stats of this weapon. It isn't serrated axe, and it is not skinblade or chainglaive...or whatever Can anyone help me? I ask it, because of the...
  7. J

    Long Rifle

    Hi, I am pretty new to this but COMPLETELY in love with Necromunda. My friend and I are planning a narrative campaign where his venator gang chases gang leaders across the Underhive. I am planning on preordering the Cawdor Gang tomorrow, but I have a point of frustration: The preview articles...
  8. YellowSkin

    Adding / Removing wargear during campaign

    Our campaign group is currently having a discussion about the adding / removing of weapons for gangers and juves. The way we read the rules is that you are not allowed to remove any wargear (incl. weapons, grenades etc) but are free to add wargear (as long as you adhere to the wargear...
  9. ten_kage

    Bug Adding weapon to ganger from stash

    Hi all, I do not understand how to add equipment from the stash to a ganger card. When I hopen the "equipment" section of the ganger I only have the option to equip or bui equipment from their starting list. In the specific case I have bought a sword at the trading post and it is now in my...
  10. Mamutera

    Get back a bit of disarm thrill?

    Hi, I've been recently going back and forth between ORB, LRB and NCE to see how skills have evolved. When reading, I felt like disarm had lost a bit of gameplay quality moments because the skill no longer destroys enemies weapons. I know, that the skill can be spammed and also it ends up...
  11. C

    Weapon cost discrepancies (NCE)

    Looking through the house weapon lists, it seems as though several gangs have different costs for certain weapons. For example, House Goliath can buy Autopistols for 10 credits and Stub Guns for 15, while the costs are reversed for most gangs. Is this intentional? If not, should we just use the...