1. Beastlord 01 - Copy.jpg

    Beastlord 01 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2024
  2. Goblin Shaman 01 - Copy.jpg

    Goblin Shaman 01 - Copy.jpg

    Orktober 2023
  3. MedMos

    Dark Elves for sale

    Hi guys, I am clearing out some WHFB minis, as I'm never going to use them. Most of it is in various states of assembly and some of them has some paint on them, mostly a few base colours at most. No glue or paint globs as far as I'm aware. Army book Beastmaster on Manticore Cold One chariots...
  4. MedMos

    Darkness spreads once more from Sylvania

    Hello, fellow Fantasians! I thought it was time to bring a little more balance to this section, what with all the Empire armies amassing... So here will assemble the forces of Casimir von Stasiak! Darkness is a double edged sword, as most of my pictures will tell... My setup apparently does not...
  5. Vampire Counts

    Vampire Counts

    Casimir von Stasiak and his shambling horde
  6. FYSC 2020/1 Jan

    FYSC 2020/1 Jan

    Vampire Lord, Varghulf and a couple of banners
  7. Vampires!


    Time for some paint... They've looked like this for years.
  8. Llewy

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle Sixth Edition

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle was the game that began it all for me and will always have a special place in my heart! Because of how old I am, when I first got into the hobby, we began playing 4th edition, then switched up to 5th when it came out, and I think I'd more of less moved on by the time 6th...