1. Stubram

    N18 Helot Cult Gangs - do we still get Specialists?

    Hi guys. The most updated Necrodamus a) doesn’t mention Helot Specialist in starting gangs, and b) looks like it restricts Witches to their original crappy powers. I thought they could have any Universal power now? If so, why can’t I choose one on the gang roster?
  2. AidFull88

    N18 Chaos Helot Cult Questions

    The Book of Ruin states “A Cult Witch starts with one skill chosen from their Primary skill sets and the Non-sanctioned Psyker skill.” The Book of the Outcast states “Unless otherwise specified, all fighters with the non-sanctioned psyker special rule start with a single Wyrd power, either from...
  3. Witch - Grayham Zorander 3.png

    Witch - Grayham Zorander 3.png

  4. Witch - Grayham Zorander 2.png

    Witch - Grayham Zorander 2.png

  5. Witch - Grayham Zorander 1.png

    Witch - Grayham Zorander 1.png

  6. Support, MRMC 2020 wip

    Support, MRMC 2020 wip

    Thief, archer, tracker, war hound, thug. Another thief and basing to be done before painting.
  7. MRMC2020-1


    Witch, apprentice, animal companion and barbarian, ready to start their trek into Frostgrave...
  8. Witch and apprentice wip

    Witch and apprentice wip

    After washes/inks. Need highlights/details
  9. Core of my Witch warband

    Core of my Witch warband

    Snow Leopard, barbarian, Witch and apprentice.
  10. Frostgrave bits

    Frostgrave bits

    Starting point for my Frostgrave Witch warband, and basis for the Mad Robot Mega Challenge!
  11. BJB Mad Vision Witch.jpg

    BJB Mad Vision Witch.jpg

    painted by Arthur from ezpainter.co.uk
  12. BJB Levitation Witch.jpg

    BJB Levitation Witch.jpg

    painted by Arthur from ezpainter.co.uk
  13. Initiates of the Lost Pyramid - SBF

    Initiates of the Lost Pyramid - SBF

    Infiltrating disciple with heavy stubber, specialist cultist with long rifle, and a witch to support as necessary
  14. OPheliate

    Starting Cult of Chaos gang - Help?

    First post. So, i've bought models and purchased everything. I wound up with this: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/the_scarlet_river.27639/ Thing is, I haven't played a game of Necromunda yet, and I was wondering if there are things I shoulc know/take into account with a chaos gang? I...
  15. Yak13 Final Pic

    Yak13 Final Pic

    With minipics on the sides. :)
  16. Shroom Blob

    Shroom Blob

    Resized 'cos previously large image (uploaded from phone)
  17. Yak13 final pic 01

    Yak13 final pic 01

    The Sump Surgeon's Hut in scenery.
  18. Yak13 final pic 02

    Yak13 final pic 02

    Tilting up to offload some filthy Scavvies.
  19. Yak13 final pic 03

    Yak13 final pic 03

    Tilting down to offload some filthy Scavvies.
  20. Yak13 final pic 04

    Yak13 final pic 04

    Front view.