wood elf

  1. Sculpting Wood Elves

    Sculpting Wood Elves

  2. Elven Archer Hero

    Elven Archer Hero

  3. The first finished bunch of Sylvaneth

    The first finished bunch of Sylvaneth

  4. my entry for the FYSC July 2019

    my entry for the FYSC July 2019

    Finished painting the following: * Treelord Ancient * 5 Spite-Revenants * 10 Dryads * Elven Archer Hero
  5. YakTribe

    Wood Elves, The Asrai Wayfarers 1.5

    The Asrai have always been a secluded race. They usually keep to their deep forest of Athel Loren, rarely venturing forth except in the time of need or defense. However, despite their usual solitude, the Asrai still have means to the knowledge and secrets of the outside world; and it come...
  6. YakTribe

    Wood Elf Warband 1.0

    Wood Elf Captain Wood Elf Wardancers Wood Elf Waywatchers Wood Elf Youngblood Wood Elf Warriors
  7. YakTribe

    Wood Elves of Athel Loren 1.0

    Elves are never a static race, always ensuring their future by both passive and aggressive means. While many elders are content to sit and contemplate events for decades within the security of their wooden abodes, others seek a different path. Young and brash individuals often set out to strike...
  8. YakTribe

    Wood Elves of Arden 1.0

    "No… No…", Thuarindir steps forward. "Look how the arrow longs for the Target." Training the upstarts is also his duty, Thuarindir thinks. He nods confirmingly as his student puts the arrow at the hart of the target at 150 paces. Then he takes out 3 arrows; concentrates and they are away. One...