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    N18 Orlocks Downtime

    Howdy! I am wondering what to do with my round 4 Orlock gang. I am about to do my 4th fight and then have downtime. I have 9 fighters in my gang with about half of them kitted for melee and some shooting and the other half kitted for shooting. I don't think I want a heavy weapon do to the cost...
  3. DC_DeCrypt

    DC_Decrypt’s Hobby Bits

    Hi folks! Figured it was high time to try this hobby log thing as i get stuff done. This week’s efforts will be in prep for an upcoming local campaign plus yakmeet. Today competes my second wrecker for the starting gang. More pics on my insta.
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  5. J

    N18 A Question on Wreckers

    Hello, everyone. What is the Verdict on Orlock Wrecker keeping their Jump Booster, should they receive a promotion, in the course of a campaign? I've seen it argued both ways, and am genuinely curious what this community's take on the issue is. As a secondary topic, how should I go about...