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  2. C

    N18 Genestealer Cult Adept and Wyrd Power Access

    Looking around and cross checking with Necrodamus I still can't tell what wyrd powers the Genestealer Cult Adept has access to. This thread clarifying wyrd powers doesn't clarify things for me. The conclusion was that all psykers gain access to a skill and a power at start, and all psykers get...
  3. AidFull88

    N18 Chaos Helot Cult Questions

    The Book of Ruin states “A Cult Witch starts with one skill chosen from their Primary skill sets and the Non-sanctioned Psyker skill.” The Book of the Outcast states “Unless otherwise specified, all fighters with the non-sanctioned psyker special rule start with a single Wyrd power, either from...
  4. 'Tis but a scratch

    'Tis but a scratch

    Who needs arms when you have psychic powers?
  5. Wyrd Beastmaster 02.jpg

    Wyrd Beastmaster 02.jpg

    Wyrd Beastmaster
  6. Telekinetic


  7. Pyromaniac


  8. Beastmaster Wyrd

    Beastmaster Wyrd

  9. Telepath Wyrd

    Telepath Wyrd

  10. Beastmaster Wyrd

    Beastmaster Wyrd

  11. Telepath Wyrd

    Telepath Wyrd

  12. Beastmaster Wyrd and Friend

    Beastmaster Wyrd and Friend

  13. Yakcomp #30 wip3

    Yakcomp #30 wip3

    Beastmaster, bases and first greenstuff
  14. The Supremo, Magus

    The Supremo, Magus

    Leader of the Cult, seconded only to the All Holy Prophet, Genestealer Patriarch
  15. timdp

    Necromunda Wanted: Beastmaster Wyrd with horizontal staff

    Am looking for a genuine GW cast of the fig riding the rat. He normally has a staff pointing out to the left instead of the chainsword. The one I have is very soft and probably a recast. Have figs to trade and cash works too. Who has a spare? Thanks, Tim
  16. P

    Necromunda redemptionist figures for trade

    hey, I recently acquired a redemptionist gang, and would like to trade some of the doubles(and triples...) What i have: What i and looking for: also looking for an escher heavy stubber arm and/or backpack. I'm in St Albert, Alberta, Canada.
  17. YakTribe

    Necromunda Rites of Passage 1998

    Originally published in Inferno! magazine 4. Later compiled into Status Deadzone, published in 2000. Most recently found in Necromunda Omnibus 1, published in 2011. Currently unavailable, except here. This is the story of an Orlock initiation gone horribly wrong.
  18. H

    Psyker powers while pinned or downed

    Can psyker powers be used while the model is pinned or down? I am probably being blind to some obvious answer, but I only see references to targeting restrictions.
  19. TakUnderhand

    NCE Wyrd Cryomancer V3

    Part of my Comp 11 entry: the Wyrd Cryomancer Due to getting the competition in, these rules have not been play tested. At all. Expect amendments the moment I manage to get a game in!
  20. Anthony

    LRB Even Wyrder. By Anthony Case. v1.0

    Additional Wyrd hired gun types of Empath, Chronomancer, Biomancer, and Electromaniac, aswell as a couple of new Beastmaster pets.