1. The Bone Carver WIP01

    The Bone Carver WIP01

    Continuation of The Bone Carver and Minions
  2. The Bone Carver WIP

    The Bone Carver WIP

    The starting models and pieces for The Bone Carver my Yak Comp 18 entry
  3. Another Sanctioned Psyker

    Another Sanctioned Psyker

  4. Side view

    Side view

  5. Sanctioned Psyker with pet Brainworm

    Sanctioned Psyker with pet Brainworm

  6. Beastmaster Wyrd

    Beastmaster Wyrd

  7. TakUnderhand

    NCE Wyrd Cryomancer V3

    Part of my Comp 11 entry: the Wyrd Cryomancer Due to getting the competition in, these rules have not been play tested. At all. Expect amendments the moment I manage to get a game in!
  8. YakTribe

    Necromunda Salvation 2005-06-07

    The Story In the nightmare industrial underworld of Necromunda, brutal gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the rich decadent families who occupy the uppermost spire of the teeming hive city. Zefer Tyranus was enjoying the quiet life as a curator at House Ko'iron...
  9. Tiny

    NCE Outlanders Community Edition 2019

    The OCE is based on the Necromunda: Outlanders supplement published in 1996. It also includes The Heist scenario and Pit Slave Gang rules from White Dwarf. OCE is not an attempt to overhaul or hugely expand the Necromunda game, instead it should be seen as a fan update to an already solid set of...
  10. Anthony

    LRB Wyrd Coven v1.0

    Rules for Wyrd gangs. Also check the Additional Rules for Even Wyrder to find more Wyrd powers for your gang.
  11. YakTribe

    Necromunda Necromunda Omibus 1 March 2011

    Classic novels Survival Instinct, Salvation and Junktion return with a host of short stories in this Necromunda omnibus. Survival Instinct by Andy Chambers Salvation by C.S. Goto Junktion by Matthew Farrer A World Above by Alex Hammond The Day of Thirst by Tully R. Summers Badlands Skelter's...
  12. YakTribe

    ORB Wyrd Gathering 2014-03-09

    To escape the witch-hunts of the Redemptionist Crusade, Wyrds have only a few stark choices. They can go into hiding, eking out an existance in the very depths of the Underhive or in the wasteland outsida. Alternatively they can associate with gangs or outlaws, trading their usefulness for...