1. C

    N18 Xenos Gangs

    Hey all, I have a few boxes of random 40k squads and I was wondering if I could get some help figuring out how best to work them into Necromunda. I'm running Original rules, not the current ones. I have a squad of Tau Firewarriors, a couple boxes of Eldar, Necrons and Orks as well. I was...
  2. Mr. Litotes

    N18 Xenos Weapons -- what's what?

    The Book of Judgement has rules for Xenos Weapons. Does anyone know what, if anything, these represent in the larger 40K universe/lore? - Necrotic Beamer? - Xenarch Death-Arc?
  3. Insurgent

    PURGE, when outlander gangs get out of hand.

    I am playing a Necormunda Campaign and one of the players is an Ork Gang that has gotten out of hand. Since this is Necromunda I feel like there is a certain level of authority hovering overhead that shouldn't be crossed. At some point the hammer will come down on these pesky Xenos. This...
  4. Insurgent


    Lets get a roll call on who is playing with what Inquisimunda factions. Share a paragraph of your experience playing that faction and let us know what rules you think need tweaking and what works well. Points, balance, playabilty, versatility, and tactics. You know that kind of stuff. It would...
  5. Pddrijver

    Tau Strike Force

    I have been busy sketching a possible list to include Tau in inquisimunda. Feedback is very welcome! I divided them in 4 different castes, each with a different bonus/malus. I also fleshed out some Tau-specific drones with different roles. Options to include either Kroot or Vespids and some...
  6. Fold

    NCE Squat Mining Gangs In Necromunda 1.0

    Based loosely on the original "Hi Ho Squat Mining Gangs" article from Games Workshop, but with the worst excesses of that ruleset toned down. The Squat Mining Gang is a relatively elite gang (basic gangers cost 60 creds) and a slow moving but implacable foe; every model has M3, but with Nerves...
  7. Ambience327

    LRB For the Father! 1.4

    Rules for fielding a Genestealer Cult in Necromunda, including rules for Purestrain Genestealers that are able to advance and grow like other gangers! Previous discussion for this Gang can be found right here...
  8. Kon-rad

    NCE Quick and Dirty Rules for Xenos Gangs v3 v3

    Edited from v2. I changed a few points costs, and generally tidied up the layout and writing for clarity. The Eldar jokes are still there.
  9. Shadowbadger

    NCE Grymn (Space Dwarves) 0.3

    Draft house rules for Space Dwarves. The models I intend to use are Hasslefree Grymn which will also need slightly elevated scenic bases to make them a tad taller. I have an extended, partially reviewed copy to add after discussion with friends. Once this is approved.
  10. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Eldar in the underhive 0.6

    Each elder craftworld tends to favour certain roles, some honing only the most elite warriors, others of more lowly supportive roles, but formidable none the less. The eldar come to the darkness of the underhive for reasons typically unknown to men. And as mysteriously as they turn up they also...
  11. jimjimjimmyjim

    NCE Tau in the hive [take 2] 2014-04-03

    I have finally gotten round to updating the rules I wrote about 18 months ago. after play testing much more strenuously. the list is much better now with more balancing elements and several errors being removed. enjoy
  12. YakTribe

    ORB Ratmen 2014-03-16

    Odd little gang that basically allows you to mod Skaven models to be used in the Underhive. The article claims they are related to Ratskins.
  13. Anthony

    LRB Genestealer Brood v1.0

    Rules for a Genestealer Brood.
  14. YakTribe

    ORB Eldritch Hunters 2014-03-16

    Eldar gang.
  15. Gorkamunda

    NCE Orks in da 'Ive 1.02

    These rules are the result of more than 20 forum pages on the yakromunda/yaktribe community forum, with a large number of individuals contributing. They will allow you to play your favourite green-skinned Xenos race in Necromunda campaigns. If you wish to comment or make suggestions, please...
  16. YakTribe

    ORB Terror in the Hive! 2014-03-10

    Genestealer Cult rules that includes options for Purestrain, Magus, Neophytes, Brood Brothers and Acolytes.
  17. YakTribe

    ORB Hi Ho Squat Miner Gangs 2014-03-09

    In the wastelands, the slag heaps, rad zones, ruins and the like, freelance Squat miners set up operations and scrape a living out of the unforgiving landscape, looking for that one big strike. Some Miners come to the hive world Outlands voluntarily whilst some come to hide from the unforgiving...
  18. YakTribe

    ORB WAAAGH! Da Orks are in Da Hive 2014-03-09

    It is an undisputed fact that Orks sometimes attack (or even inadvertently crash on) Necromunda, and their assaults on the massive Hive Cities have been fairly well documented by the Administratum. The authorities, hower, do their utmost to hide the fact that when the Waaagh moves on, there are...