yak comp

  1. YC48_inprog1.jpg


  2. YC48_bits.jpg


  3. Escher Leader 04 - Copy.jpg

    Escher Leader 04 - Copy.jpg

    Yakcomp 45 "Large and In Charge" Entry; Feb 2023
  4. Escher Leader 03 - Copy.jpg

    Escher Leader 03 - Copy.jpg

    Yakcomp 45 "Large and In Charge" Entry; Feb 2023
  5. Yak_bounty_hunter.jpg


  6. YC42bits.jpg


  7. Ready for paint?

    Ready for paint?

    Attached wings and hood. Needs a little work on the position of the wings, will harden them up with paint and pva.
  8. Scythe and wings wip

    Scythe and wings wip

    Once the wings are attached we're ready for a hood
  9. "Angel" wip back

    "Angel" wip back

    Natural folds in the sprue-goo
  10. "Angel" wip

    "Angel" wip

    First application of sprue-goo
  11. Yakcomp#40 terrain wip

    Yakcomp#40 terrain wip

    Platform with steps and 5 standing stones, to set the scene for the scout encounter.
  12. yc40_3.jpg


  13. yc40_1.jpg


    Yak marines to be and a memorial of some sort...
  14. Cultist/thief wip 1

    Cultist/thief wip 1

    You build from the ground up, right!?
  15. Yakcomp #39 bits

    Yakcomp #39 bits

    A bit of everything that'll hopefully go together.
  16. Arrow slits

    Arrow slits

    Sideview of the crumbling tower
  17. Tower door

    Tower door

    Front of the crumbling tower
  18. Tower platform

    Tower platform

    Backside of the crumbling ruin
  19. Yakcomp #38 wip, loot

    Yakcomp #38 wip, loot

    Treasure tokens and ruined tower before highlights.
  20. Yakcomp #38 Ice Spiders!

    Yakcomp #38 Ice Spiders!

    Just about ready for ambush.