yak comp

  1. Tower ruin wip

    Tower ruin wip

    Stonework done, woodwork next
  2. Treasure tokens wip

    Treasure tokens wip

    A variety of loot for Frostgrave and yakcomp #38
  3. Yakcomp #38 models wip

    Yakcomp #38 models wip

    A few base colours
  4. Yakcomp #38 characters wip, back

    Yakcomp #38 characters wip, back

    Goblin thug w/ greenstuffed cloak and treasure hunter, back
  5. Yakcomp #38 characters wip

    Yakcomp #38 characters wip

    Goblin thug and elf treasure hunter ready for primer, front
  6. Yakcomp #38 wip

    Yakcomp #38 wip

    Central loot piece, a powerful Grimoire!
  7. Yakcomp #38 bits

    Yakcomp #38 bits

    Treasure hunters, ice spiders and loot
  8. Yakcomp#37 wip characters

    Yakcomp#37 wip characters

    Glutton and two draft zombies
  9. YC37_Xagginshop12.jpg


    X'agg "Air Rated" Knews, propagandist.
  10. YC37_final_collage.jpg


    Collage of X'agg "Air Rated" Knews and Print Shop #12
  11. Yakcomp #37 wip

    Yakcomp #37 wip

    Glutton Ramsay with his "food"-cart
  12. Power sword

    Power sword

    Detail of yakcomp #36, Interrogator Sin'Atra power sword
  13. Sliza Minelli wip

    Sliza Minelli wip

    Assassin for yakcomp #36 wip
  14. Interrogator Sin'Atra wip

    Interrogator Sin'Atra wip

    Interrogator for yakcomp #36 wip
  15. InFrame_1599028195406.jpg