1. Yeld wings wip back

    Yeld wings wip back

    Test of insect wings
  2. Yeld wings wip

    Yeld wings wip

    Insect wings positioned with poster putty
  3. Spyrer headswap accomplished

    Spyrer headswap accomplished

  4. Yakcomp 51 bits

    Yakcomp 51 bits

    The plan is a Yeld Spyrer.
  5. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail

  6. Silent Tower, detail

    Silent Tower, detail

  7. Silent Tower

    Silent Tower

  8. Silent Tower

    Silent Tower

  9. Spiky mutant wip

    Spiky mutant wip

    More like spiney... But it works.
  10. Ziff front

    Ziff front

  11. Ziff back

    Ziff back

  12. Yakcomp 47 assembled

    Yakcomp 47 assembled

    Enforcer sniper, Mad Robot and Van Saar bits
  13. WIP sniper

    WIP sniper

  14. Sniper assembly

    Sniper assembly

  15. Sniper bits

    Sniper bits

    Bits for yakcomp 47
  16. Yakcomp46 detail

    Yakcomp46 detail

    Mushrooms aplenty
  17. Yakcomp46, back

    Yakcomp46, back

  18. See-Maw Katerin'

    See-Maw Katerin'

    A mushroom "mishap" at See-Maw Katerin'
  19. Yakcomp 46 wip

    Yakcomp 46 wip

    A few base colours, still a ways to go...
  20. Yakcomp 46, pre primer

    Yakcomp 46, pre primer

    Constituent parts ready for primer.