1. Start of a wyrd

    Start of a wyrd

  2. Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Yakcomp#41 part 2 wip

    Cyber alsatian and terrain piece with some paint on.
  3. Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Cyber alsatian wip, yakcomp#41

    Ready for primer
  4. Platform WIP yakcomp#41

    Platform WIP yakcomp#41

    Almost ready for primer, just want to add some more detail and maybe a ladder
  5. Scavvy and enforcer

    Scavvy and enforcer

    For yakcomp#41
  6. Predator and prey

    Predator and prey

    But who is who?
  7. Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer and prey, yakcomp#41 WIP

    Enforcer ready for primer, prey just needs a gun...
  8. Beastmaster


  9. Handler and dog YC#41

    Handler and dog YC#41

    Starting bits for yakcomp #41 "Beastmaster".
  10. "Angel" wip

    "Angel" wip

    Need some details and some darkness.
  11. Name tag, graffiti style!

    Name tag, graffiti style!

    Sweet bonus points for the comp...
  12. Yak marine!

    Yak marine!

    First attempt at a yak shoulderpad...
  13. yc40_collage.jpg


    Entry collage.
  14. yc40_10.jpg


  15. Big guy start

    Big guy start

    Wire frame for the entity opposite my scout (included for reference)
  16. Scout osl

    Scout osl

    Wip for yakcomp#40
  17. Yakmarine scout wip

    Yakmarine scout wip

    Some base colours on my scout, finally!
  18. yc40_9.jpg


  19. yc40_8.jpg


  20. yc40_7.jpg