1. yc40_6.jpg


  2. yc40_5.jpg


  3. Yakcomp #40 wip front

    Yakcomp #40 wip front

    Greenstuffed shoulderpads and kneepad.
  4. Yakcomp#40 wip, greenstuff back

    Yakcomp#40 wip, greenstuff back

    Attached backpack again.
  5. Scout for Yakcomp#40

    Scout for Yakcomp#40

    A slightly chopped up Wolf Scout. Must repair.
  6. 92CC7F6B-9F15-4283-9819-D02BE911A217.jpeg


    Disciple for The Cult of the Sump Mother and entry for the Yakcomp 39: “secret society”
  7. 9DB7A56E-6721-4278-B3CD-0BD455C9F397.jpeg


    Disciple for The Cult of the Sump Mother and entry for the Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society” WIP
  8. Yakcomp 39 photo 1 - parts

    Yakcomp 39 photo 1 - parts

    Whiskey lid, boots of plastic and wood, a catchan jungle fighters and assorted bits.
  9. Biggle_Bear

    Biggle Bear's yakcomp 39 entry

    For my entry to the "secret society" competition I will make an imperial guard performing a superstitious ceremony over his equipment. I thought this might be worth doing because I remember superstition being mentioned as a big thing in the underhive in some piece of official lore. What makes...
  10. Tower wip 1st floor

    Tower wip 1st floor

    Ruin for yakcomp #38, about done with stonework for the 1st floor
  11. Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Yakcomp #38 tower wip

    Bricks, beams and base. Treasure hunter for scale
  12. It's behind me, isn't it?

    It's behind me, isn't it?

    Finished creation for Yakcomp 35
  13. 20200831_083557.jpg


    The book of Araneus
  14. 20200831_083604.jpg


    The book of Araneus
  15. 20200831_083617.jpg


    The book of Araneus
  16. 20200831_083625.jpg


    The book of Araneus
  17. 20200831_083653.jpg


    The book of Araneus
  18. Robot WIP #2

    Robot WIP #2

    Painting begins
  19. 20200824_085347.jpg


    The pulpit of corrupted past.
  20. 20200824_085405.jpg


    The book of Araneus lives.