1. Biggle_Bear

    Yaktribe - the Roleplaying game

    Hey guys, I've been musing over an idea. I would like to try and make an rpg that is themed after the yaktribe. There are probably many interpretations of necromunda as an rpg and I'm not interested in throwing my hat into that mix. I want to design something that plays to the strengths of the...
  2. Malo

    Update YakTribe Development Updates

    This thread will provide feedback as to the latest updates and fixes applied to YakTribe.games. Known Issues Necromunda No option to show Campaign custom entries yet Custom entries need Friend support for selection in gang editor Ganger images standard sets need added *in progress Owner name...
  3. Malo

    N17 London Grand Tournament & YakTribe Presents Necromunda

    It is time to take a trip into the corroded underbelly of the hive. These monolithic towers sit upon rotten foundations, abandoned by all but the most desperate and foolhardy. Rival gangs, Arbites, Guild control and the very nature of Necromunda threaten to thwart your ambition at every turn...
  4. Malo

    Bug Mobile experience issues

    Seems there's some issues with the new site on mobile. Home page slider isn't working Menu toggle isn't working
  5. Malo

    Introducing the new YakTribe.games

    WELCOME TO THE NEW HOME OF THE 'TRIBE Over the years since the first creation of the Necromunda online tools, the Yak site has gone over several different looks with a redesign of the tools themselves several years ago to cater for a more responsive design. However, it has always been two...
  6. Malo

    New User Map

    I have changed the usermap to a new version, paid for by the fantastic folks here at YakTribe and their donations. The older one wasn't receiving many updates and there are some much better options with the new one, including: Heat map for location grouping Clicking on pins brings up user card...
  7. Malo

    What does Yak mean for you?

    YakTribe has now been around for quite a number of years and has grown slowly over that time. Originally Yakromunda focusing solely on Necromunda, then (still) gradually branching out to Mordheim and GorkaMorka as well. The forums weren't even originally in the original version, just a basic...
  8. djmothra

    Competition YakTribe Competition 12 "Open Season"

    Ok, we're back after a little break for the 12th installment of the YakTribe Competition! I Know a lot of you have been waiting for this, some even been putting off starting new things to wait! As you all know, Comp 11 was won by @Casus - but as he'd won previously, we went to the second place...
  9. Malo

    Happy New Yak Year!

    From myself and the staff here at YakTribe, hope you all have a great 2016 full of wargaming and fun. It should be an exciting year not just for our hobby but maybe our beloved games as well with potential attention to some Specialist Games by GW coming. We can hopefully catch some great...
  10. Malo

    Possible extensive downtime (completed)

    In the process of shifting to MariaDB I will be moving servers within the same hosting company. This is going to result in some downtime and during that time I will be locking the forum and Yak systems from any changes. There may be little warning when I do so as it's tricky to schedule this...
  11. Malo

    Forum software upgrade

    I'm starting a forum upgrade that may cause some minor display or functionality issues until they're resolved. During the first stage of the upgrade the forum will automatically be closed but should be available as I implement the other changes. Advise if anything seems weird after tonight.
  12. Malo

    YakTribe system updates and downtime

    YakTribe Gaming systems will be going down for several updates tomorrow night, Friday 14th August after midnight GMT (around then). All registrations and login will be disabled and the Necromunda tools will not be functioning during this update which may take 4-5 hours. There are several...
  13. Malo

    ** Yakromunda Migration Thursday Night 6th March **

    ANNOUNCEMENT Yakromunda will be migrated to YakTribe Gaming on Thursday Night EST 6th March. During the migration period the Yakromunda tools and forums will not be available. Expected downtime will be 24-48 hours. If you wish to communicate with me during this period or keep up with the...