1. JawRippa

    Gang Showdown - a complete rule overhaul

    Hello. I'd like to share a translated ruleset that I have been baking for quite some time. It is the Main Rulebook and a demo version of Campaign Rules as well as overhauled skill tables. Everything here is somewhat compatible with Gangs of the Underhive or House of X series, whichever you...
  2. JawRippa

    Pet Overhaul ideas

    I'm starting to think that pets in Necromunda need a complete overhaul. Currently they are overcomplicated and next to useless. I was thinking of 2 ways: 1. Completely simplify pets into a glorified token, but they give the owner an extra attack, maybe an extra wound. The pet's model is a token...
  3. JawRippa

    N18 Blast Rework

    While this is an idea for a YCE rulebook, I feel that it could be easily slotted into the original ruleset. Here is a reworked blast ruleset, to tone down any non-grenade blast weapons and make them stop ignoring target priority. For people too lazy to download PDF
  4. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Campaign organisation

    My group has been testing a pseudo 'eternal' campaign system for a few campaigns by now and I wanted to share what we came up with. Sadly I did not have the time to put up a proper document due to time constraints, but I wanted to share key features and ask your opinion on them. The goal of the...
  5. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Advancement system

    I've made a draft for the reworked Advancement system. It is supposed to unify costs of fighters and make progression of Ganger->Champion->Leader natural and consistent. It is meant to be compatible with modern Necromunda system in terms of XP costs. Also it takes heavy inspiration from the way...
  6. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Rescue Mission Alternative

    While YCE discussions mainly touch upon core rules and not campaign things, I feel that discussing the problem of captured fighters and rescue mission can be done in separation from other campaign mechanics or even Necromunda version that you are playing. To me everything related to captured...
  7. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Jumping down and Falling

    I wanted to simplify jumping down and falling down routine. A table below properly reflects current GW rules on falling down and jumping down and is taken from @TopsyKretts rule compilation Necrodamus. The current rules are extremely clunky to use mid-game and initiative modifiers are mismatched...
  8. JawRippa

    (Finished!) YCE House Legacy draft (Proofread, Discussion)

    Hello! I've completed the first draft of House Legacy for YCE. The document offers rules for creating your gangs and includes almost all released gangs for playtesting. In there you will also find overhauled weapon traits and reworked skill tables. The prices of all weapons were changed; base...
  9. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: skill tables

    So after some tinkering, here is a 1.1 draft for the reworked skill tables. My goal was to make it possible to roll randomly on any skill table with no chance of duds. You can select skills in two ways: pick from primary (but you can't pick a skill which someone else in your gang already knows)...
  10. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: psykers

    From my experience, psykers are widely considered to be underwhelming in Necromunda. I've been thinking about fixing the matter with following changes, while trying to keep it simple: Maintain Control becomes a Free action instead of Simple. If some spells would become too powerful because of...
  11. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: melee

    For a full view of changes that I'll be trying to introduce, view this thread. TLDR: getting into melee is going to be noticeably easier, due to movement for charging ranges and various nerfs to shooting, but what about melee itself? I'm a firm believer that current melee system is not fun, nor...
  12. JawRippa

    N18 Fixing Stray Shots

    Currently stay shots are very easy to abuse - if you target someone behind the initial target, you have a 4+ chance to hit the target regardless of its cover. I was pondering on two ways to houserule the issue away: Stray shots occur only on natural 1's and only hit friendly fighters. This...
  13. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: suggestions

    Current list of suggestions for YCE. Old list is hidden in spoilers now. 2). Because of previous change, fighting 1v2 and splitting attack dice between 2 targets is resolved as 2 separate fight sequences, resolved 1 by 1. 3). Double weapons (any combination of 2 melee and sidearm weapons)...
  14. Thorgor

    Rules suggestions - Weapons, Wargear and Traits

    A thread for discussing all rules about items. I'll try and regroup here the suggestions that have already been made in other threads. I think general discussions about Blast, Template, Rapid fire and how they interact with Shooting can stay in the Shooting thread though.
  15. Thorgor

    Rules suggestions - Resolve hits

    It's hard to talk about Shooting and Close Combat without it bleeding into Hit resolution, so here goes a brand new thread!