1. W

    Necromunda Fixing GW Zone Mortalis biggest failings

    I wasn’t sure if this was the best place for this because everyone on here seems to be extremely experienced with Necromunda. This place is a goldmine of awesome ideas and knowledgeable people. But if you like a YouTube channel focussed on fixing some of GW’s Zone Mortalis terrain quirks then...
  2. drdrybrush

    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Greetings hive scum! I'm starting this thread so that I can share channel updates with you lot for the ongoing Dark Uprising set in Hive Galatus between the ruthless Enforcers and the misguided Cawdor splinter faction, the Brotherhood of the Dying Light. Firstly I just want to say thanks to...
  3. drdrybrush

    Battle reports

    Greetings tribe! I've got an idea for how to present battles on my channel but I like them all 🤣 some take more time than others but who cares! Need some cool underhive stuff for us all to enjoy
  4. BeardLegend

    Join Xcom? A youtube series

    Uh ... okay ... bit of a weird one. Ahem ... Here goes ... I'm about to play Xcom2 and have recently started youtubing. Something i thought would be fun, would be to name my soldiers after Yaktribers. Then post a series about how Yaktribe saved the world from the Xeno's (or died trying ...)...
  5. bikemutant

    Made some Necromunda Battle Report videos!

    - Cawdor Vs Orlock - Special mission "The brewery" :coffee: - Escher Vs Goliath - Gang fight scenario featuring a IRL lady! ;) Hey yall I am a big fan of watching Necromunda battle reports on youtube but there sadly arent that many of them so I thought I would give it a shot myself. These...