1. Zombie King

    Zombie King

  2. Zombie King

    Zombie King

  3. Zombie King

    Zombie King

  4. Bb zombie conversion

    Bb zombie conversion

  5. Plagueland's Ghosts.png

    Plagueland's Ghosts.png

    Vast survivors, who was drowned in poison rivers from Esher chem factories
  6. zombie funny.jpg

    zombie funny.jpg

  7. Undead and Survivor/Cultist

    Undead and Survivor/Cultist

  8. ghosts of thrax

    ghosts of thrax

  9. Aulenback

    ORB Down Among The Dead Men 2019-02-25

    With the upcoming release of the Ambull mode for the first time since Rogue Trader days, it seems a good time to remember this scenario from Citadel Journal 38, "Down Among The Dead Men."
  10. Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Bird man of Lesotho
  11. Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Bird man of Lesotho
  12. Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Lesotho 2/12 npcs

    Bird man of Lesotho
  13. trollmeat

    Scavvies: trollmeat's unbalanced and untested incoherent thoughts...

    In various threads I have been randomly posting parts of ideas for how I might go about modifying Scavvies, figured it was about time I started throwing them together and see what happens. Just mucking about... Nothing is set in stone or even tested - no idea about balance or anything, but I am...
  14. YakTribe

    Vampires 1.0

    Many believe that the vampiric curse has been wiped out among the nobles in the Empire and that only Sylvania still holds Vampires. This is far from the truth as many lesser Vampires have spent centuries sleeping in coffins in the basements of a merchant or craftsman. There exists a Dark...
  15. YakTribe

    Restless Dead 1.0

    A Liche is a necromancer who was wise enough never to expend his own life energy to fuel his spells during his lifetime. As time eats away at his body, he retains his soul which allows him to manipulate magic, which is what separates them from pitiful wraiths. Unfortunately, the undead bodies of...
  16. YakTribe

    Necromancer, The Restless Dead 1.0

    When the comet struck the city of Mordheim the power of the Authorities soon crumbled and in its wake the Necromancers have rissen, no longer do they fear the authorities and they can fight off the few Witch hunters that still dare enter their realm. They have taken up residence in the...
  17. YakTribe

    Masters of Horror 1.0

    Lightning flashes across the dark sky as cackling arises from a ruined tower. "It's Alive!" echoes across the dead woods that surround the crumbling edifice before the thunder pounces and swallows it whole. The heavy door is drawn aside by a dwarf-like man, as he quickly makes way for his Master...
  18. YakTribe

    Necromunda Back from the Dead 2006-10-12

    The Story In the nightmare industrial underworld of Necromunda, brutal gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the rich decadent families who occupy the uppermost spire of the teeming hive city. Underhive watchman Erik Bane is a marked man. As a former hive city Enforcer...
  19. YakTribe

    WH40K Hive of the Dead September 2011

    Added for it's similarities to Necromunda. It takes place in a hive that has been overrun by plague zombies. Interesting in that it makes you, an imperial guardsman, make moral choices and your loyalty to the Imperium is tested. The forces of Chaos are moving against the Imperium once more...
  20. YakTribe

    Necromunda Necromunda Omibus 2 March 2012

    The story In the nightmare underworld of Necromunda, gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the decadent families who occupy the spire of their teeming hive city. About the book This omnibus edition includes three full novels as well as five short stories by Jonathan...