zone mortalis

  1. Magnetising Zone Mortalis

    Magnetising Zone Mortalis

  2. Xiądz

    N17 Zone Mortalis - magnetizing guide 1.0

    Gentlescum, I made a little guide on how I magnetized my Zone Mortalis terrain since I noticed there's quite a demand. It includes platforms, walls, stairs and railings, to be continued with Promethium Pipes and various add-ons. Enjoy :)
  3. Surely I can make a decent hive with this?

    Surely I can make a decent hive with this?

  4. IMG_20200120_191615.jpg


    Zone Mortales painted
  5. IMG_20200120_191643_1.jpg


    Zone Mortales painted
  6. Zone Mortalis Scebery

    Zone Mortalis Scebery

    Finished some zone mortalis walls
  7. Cawdor


    Ready to ambush some heretics
  8. Escher vs Cawdor

    Escher vs Cawdor

    Poison vs fire
  9. M

    Necromunda Magnetizing the new Zone Mortalis terrain?

    So I've split up a copy of Dark Uprising with some friends- one got the Subjugators, one got the Corpse Grinders, and I kept the terrain, campaign rules and 5 regular Enforcers to hopefully use as an Arbitrator tool/cudgel at some point in the future- and I'm looking into magnetizing them. As...
  10. Zone Mortalis tiles

    Zone Mortalis tiles

    A quick reference sheet for all Necromunda: Underhive and Badzone Delta-7 cardboard tiles
  11. Double spaced

    Double spaced

    All 4 of the walls are used to space out the boards, I just need to make something that goes in the middle.
  12. Multi heigth

    Multi heigth

    The metal trim is slightly higher than than the tiles I made, so they can slot in between tiles and hide most of the gap. They are also thick enough to stand on their own.
  13. Scenic 2

    Scenic 2

    My Goliath are having a little look around their new turf.
  14. Sidewalk


    The 'walkway' side can be used as a stoop.
  15. All together

    All together

    When raised, the tile is as high as my modular walls.
  16. Scenic 1

    Scenic 1

    3 of the 'walls' are used to raise up tiles (the ends are held up by columns) the 4th is turned on his back and used as a walkway.
  17. Single space

    Single space

    The 'walls' are used as a sidewalk between tiles.
  18. Back wall

    Back wall

    The back detail of one of the walls, wedged between two columns.
  19. Overview 5

    Overview 5

  20. Overview 4

    Overview 4