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  5. JawRippa

    N18 Charge and Engaged core rules improvements.

    I think that these would give melee some desired quality of life improvement without breaking the flow of the game too much: Charge has a length of a Double Move on 3D boards. On 2D boards charge stays as is, a Move + D3. (Lore explanation would be that it is harder to move freely in tunnels...
  6. N

    Necromunda Nuttowntau's bit of Underhive

    Hello Everyone, I've been working on some Necromunda terrain over the past few weeks and realized that although I had posted it on some of the forums I frequent.. I hadn't posted it on the home of all things Necromunda. Some WiP pictures on the first 4 boards out of 9: some primer and...
  7. Galthan Ironsturm

    Necromunda 501 District-Hive Primus.

    Hy everybody! I'm G.I. from France, after i visited for long Time the Tribe, i think it's Time to subscrit. Action take place on the 501 District of thé Hyve Primus... Gang : Iron Brotherhood, Gang leader : Max "Iron" Sturm. C&c welcome ;)
  8. W

    Help with magnet strength

    Hello all, I'm about to start a hobby project to build 3d walls for the necromunda ZM. I will be building the core of the walls with foam and then using 1mm thick card over top for strength and detailing. I was thinking of inserting a magnet into the foam underneath the cardboard to help bind...