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  2. E

    Edster N17 ZM Board Tiles prototype - Need Feedback (Zone Mortalis)

    Hi all, I'm setting about designing and making ZM Tiles. My Goal is to produce a series of 9x double sided tile designs to replicate the OG N17 ones. I know that @Hawkins44 did an absolutely incredible job with the community ones! Well done dude - you inspire. I am aiming to make my own...
  3. The shrine

    The shrine

  4. MyLonelyDeer

    N17 Paper Zone Mortalis v2

    Incredible Aleksey Kazmin from Russian Necromunda community has created a paper Zone Mortalis for printing. Columns, walls and double walls - they all fit in the size of classic cardboard tiles from N17 and Badzone Delta-7. It is better to print on A4 on thick coated paper 300 g/m. For better...