100 Games of Gorkamorka - WIP


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Mar 18, 2019
Hey all,

I'm currently in the process of making a Gorkamorka review!

The methodology for any of my reviews of similar campaign skirmishers is to play the system solo double-fisted (me controlling either side) for 20 odd games, or up until I get tired of it. Add in a few games with another human being here and there as I go. I set it up so as much of a system's factions as I can manage are represented and tracked, and play them against each other up til I hit limit.

For GoMo, I'm running in Tabletop Simulator which has plenty of orky fan content on top of a props system that lets you stick stuff together for actually GoMo-feeling digital conversions.

There's pros and cons to approaching a system solo-digital like this, especially for comprehensive review, but I find the main pro (actually being able to play the system intensively in a timely manner not beholden the the availability of others) far outweighs the cons (can't fully experience the game's hidden info features i.e. hidden deployment, or head on rams, and not being able to experience the true wargaming feel of getting your mob totally shredded by another person).

As it stands, I'm already 15 games in and it's been just over a fortnight. Solo play lets me run one roughly game a night including post game bookeeping in typically at or under an hour. I'm running one mob each of all the game's factions, plus the Dust Rats as the community homebrew representative.

This spread gives everyone roughly 4 games a piece in the 20 game limit, which I've found has barely scratched the surface of GoMo's mob progression.

So, I'm just going to keep going!

I'm not in any rush, so this being a long term project suits me just fine. "100 games" started off as an in-joke within my friend circle, just at wargame review practices in general, but after putting in the work so far it honestly does not seem unreasonable. At least, not for Gorkamorka.

I've started this thread here as a sort of log for any thoughts and ramblings. And also as a place for others to chime in if they had any ideas for conducting the campaign, given this is likely the most active forum for GoMo discussion I can find.

PS: I'm running GCE as my main rules, but I've had games outside of the campaign using the OG books.

Stay tuned for more!
Curious to see where this goes. I've had mixed luck playing various games on TTS. To see Gorkamorka play well on TTS would be great.

It plays well, with the caveat of needing model setup. Especially if you don't want standardized transport capacity.

You'll need to setup vehicles and infantry models with the right collisions so you can put dudes on trukks, otherwise youre looking at constant physics explosions as you move things around.

TTS does make rotating to specific degrees much easier, and with the right tools stuff like LoS becomes much tidier.

Having statlines and rules recorded right on the relevant model is also very good, tho again takes a bit of setup.