N18 1000cr Enforcer SWAT


Oct 1, 2016
Hello everyone.
Currently getting back into Necromunda with my Redemptionsit gang. Planed Enforcers for the next campaign with artel w's amazing models.
Initially planned on one SWAT team (Bolters & Shotguns), one Riot team (Batons, Shield and GLs) with some beat officers (just Dumdum stubguns). I did read in most of the discussions here that enforcers in H2H are a bad idea and thought that 2 SWAT teams might also be fun. My redemptionists are H2H focussed so some shooting is nice for a change.
They are grouped in two assault teams of 3 each in breaching order with a supporting guy:

Will try to focus on ZM and close quaters SM missions as possible.
Like real SWAT the shield goes first and draws/blocks fire or charges. Will likely get shredded by dedicated H2H but might survive lesser threats. Will be upgraded with DumDum and some "cound as baton" power maul or similar later in the game to be more survivable in H2H
2nd is the shotgun which tries to eliminate everything coming close or dropping templates on hostile grouping close by. Where the leader takes this role he gets hipshooting (double movement + shooting right?)
3rd is the bolter guy/gal shooting everything that is further away. If Champ im thinking trickshot but open to suggestions
Support element is the GL sgt with propably als trickshot (lame i know). He should be OK waiting the first 2-3 games for krak which he then will get.

First addition would be an enforcee with a sniper (love the artel w model for it) for the support element. Not usefull in ZM but in SM and numbers are needed to dodge bottling and he's not that expensive.

Further down the Road i think I'll add a third team that also acts as "replacements" for ooa fighters. Since i want to stick to the whole police standardised equipment spiel additions beyond that will mostly be ammo. If credits are abundant maybe for a heavy weapon on a sgt. The artel w model has many options through the swappable front (minigun as stubber?). Or perhaps still some riot officers with shields and "count as" battons if i feel funny.

Thoughts about the theme and the plan?
I love the look of the shield guys but are a bit afraid that they are really unviable. Also heared that enforcers tend to be difficult to play as they generate little income. Any tips there?

Also sorry for mistakes, typing on old mobile phone.

Heart of Storm

Gang Hero
Mar 8, 2019
Honestly, its solid, and thematic, so well done.

From a purely optimisation perspective Vigilance shields are kinda meh under the current rules as after you take a shot, your model becomes pinned, loses its facing and thus its shield bonus, so consider house-ruling that so that pinning doesn't lose facing for the purpose of shields.

But otherwise, its a great concept for a gang, priority purchases are absolutely Krak grenades for the grenade launcher, melee weapons for the shield boys is nice but remember the shield IS a melee weapon, so they'd have to split attacks between the shield and whatever baton proxy you buy them.

I'd argue a breach and clear list is crying out for an SLHG - so maybe that's a long term purchase goal