Wait is imunda 17 just a rules change for Inquisimunda 2.01?

From the file page:

"This is a one page set of guidelines for playing Inquisimunda style games with the 2017 edition of Necromunda rules and campaign structure. It is not a rewrite of the existing Inquisimunda or Inquisimunda Community Edition. It is not intended as an all encompassing, complete, or balanced set of rules. It is merely a method to open up options for narrative games, and should never be used competitively."

It is not based on any other version of Inquisimunda, and does no require those rules to work. It is meant to supplement only Necromunda. I won't be adding factions lists, or weapons, or additional rules beyond this one page. It will remain one page if at all possible, and only update to take into account new Necromunda releases. This is to be a bare bones list of ideas, not a new game; I'm not trying to replace all the great work done here!
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I got it. Sorry, a new Inquisimunda is being worked on, and I thought that this was that. When I get Necromunda I might try this when I get enough minis.
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I made an a few changes to fix a few things that have been bothering me. I still have not play tested this much, but as it is more of a re-skin and less of a meticulously balanced set of numbers... I'm OK with that.

Version 1.4 Change-log

  • I have allowed fighters to be hired as henchmen for people who like the random advancement of Gangers. No point difference because that sort of thing is difficult to gauge.
  • Added power armor to the trade post, as a lot of Inquisitors have power armor. It's rare and expensive enough to discourage having more than one set in your Cohort, price is just a wild guess. (note that this does not include all the bells and whistles a helmet would provide, just buy photo-goggles and a respirator separately)
  • Removed Tactics Card restrictions, while introducing some optional restrictions.
  • Removed the flesh wound house rule, it was ill conceived and not within the scope of the project.
I'm in the process of updating this for the new 2018 books: removing more restrictions, more optional rules, not linking it with Turf Wars or any particular campaign system, skirmish games, etc... and still trying to keep it just 1 page!

I guess I could change the name to =]18[=, but I just like the way =]17[= looks.
Version 1.7 change log:
  • Updated to be in line with the new Necromunda rulebooks.
  • Removed reliance on any one campaign type, hopefully to future proof.
  • Removed power armor, it can be emulated with current gear.
  • Made a lot of the lesser tweaks optional.
  • Added hints for more role playing style actions.
  • Additional layout and text changes for clarity and efficiency of space.