N18 1K Delaque campaign list critique (first necromunda list)


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Dec 4, 2021
Just looking for a quick check on this list (first time making a Delaque/Necromunda list) and I want to make sure I'm not way off.

Master of Shadow
- shotgun with 3 ammos, mesh armor, infra sight

- Faceless, psyker, spatial psychosis, autopistol, flash grenades, mesh armor

Nacht Ghul
- Jump up, serpent Fangs, autopistol

- Wyrm, unrememberable utterance, mesh

- Long rifle, flak armor, infra sight

- Shotgun with 2 ammos, flash grenades

- Autopistol, smoke

1000 pts

Looking at the NG, PG, and Phantom playing forward (wyrm in front with CC from UU and spatial). MoS hangs back a little with Ghost. Shadow smoke for backup CC. Specialist snipes.

  1. Not sure about the flak armor value...
  2. If I drop the flak armor, does it make sense to do 2x autopistols on the NG or Shadow?
  3. I'm kind of dancing around in my head between autopistols, autoguns, shotguns and lasguns. I get the autogun (close) and lasgun (range + hot shot later) argument, but I don't see myself playing so cagey I don't get in shotgun/autogun range.

Heart of Storm

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Mar 8, 2019
Soo, lots to discuss here.

First off, 6 members in a gang means that any casualty you take puts you in danger of failing bottle checks, delaque gangers and champions are both cheap, arguably in fact some of the most cost-effective models in the game, so you'd need a really strong reason to be running that lean. The second challenge with a 6-person gang is that if you lose your prospect or any gangers you have to either have enough cash to bring on a new body, or dismiss one of your champions, you ideally want some contingency which means having more gang fighters than non-gang fighters, unless you have a cash buffer.

Second, this gang is going to be quite seriously outgunned, the long rifle and shotguns are decent, and the Nacht-Ghul will be able to pop out and delete a model at will, but other gangs will be running 8-10 guns against your 3.

I think you've spent a lot of money on extra ammo and grenades for your models that could better be spent on bodies, a good rule of thumb is boys over toys in a starter gang, action economy matters in Necromunda and a smaller gang is disadvantaged as an opponent can simply wait until you've run out of activations before exposing key fighters to firepower.

In answer to your specific questions

1. Flak armour is almost never worth it, for 5 creds more you can buy mesh which is better all round, i typically skip flak and would rather run a ganger unarmoured until I can afford mesh rather than sink money on Flak.

2. If you think it looks cool, than sure, however dual pistols without the gunslinger skill is a -1bs penalty, which on a 5+BS shadow means a lot of missing.
Your Nacht Ghul wants to be in melee, not shooting people, id probably bank any credit savings rather than distribute superfluous pistols.
3. Fundamentally, lasguns are better for pinning, autoguns are better at killing. Although there's not a lot in it. Hotshots are a natural upgrade for lasguns that help them scale better into the Midgame, however for me neither the lasgun or autogun can compete with the D2 of a Shotguns solid shot.

A lot depends on however on the games you play, how big your table is, how dense your cover/terrain is etc , generally the larger/more sparsely covered the board is the more important range / short range accuracy bonuses are


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
What @Heart of Storm said.

Drop all the extra gear and ammo (and flak armour) to get an extra ghost or two with a basic weapon (either lasgun, autogun, or shotgun if you can afford it).

I’m not big on psychic powers as to me they are all less effective than a gun, but if you want to use them then fill your boots. But you are committing a lot of credits to something that won’t remove enemy fighters from the table.
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