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  1. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    have chose Segment obscurus bastion army list

    admiral: 50pt

    Capital ship:
    Emperor 365pt

    dictator 220ptx2
    Carnage x2 (chaos list wath rule of the reserve) 180x2pt ...(dangerous but awesome profile)
    Endaevur x2 110x3pt 6+ arm (or defiant??)
    dountless x2 (torpedos)110x2pt

    squad: 5 cobra 150pt
    squad: 3 cobra 90pt
    squad: 3 cobra 90pt

    totale 1985 pt

    any comment are accepted..
    are good list? i have strong long range fire power and tons of torpedo+ lunch bay (16)
  2. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    You appear to have too many Chaos ships.

    The Chaos ships are only selectable as reserves, meaning you must have 3 vessels of the same type from the main list before you can choose them. i.e. to choose a single Carnage, you would also need to take 3 other cruisers from the main fleet list.

    You could swap out one of the Carnages for a Tyrant which does similar work, or perhaps a Gothic for lance overload.

    I think I would prefer the Gothic used in concert with the Carnage where the Carnage strips shields and the Gothic uses its lances to rain destruction. That said, they are a lot shorter range than the Carnage so may be difficult to pull off.
  3. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    i have 6 cruiser selection other than 2 carnage im sure is fine
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  4. Malika

    Malika Gang Hero

    Pictures or it didn't happen!
  5. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    little list variation

    1x admiral 50 pt
    1x reroll 25pt
    1x Emperor Battleship 365pt
    2x Exorcist grand cruiser 460pt
    4X Endeavour light cruiser 6+ prow armor 440pt
    2x Charnage class cruiser 360pt (reserve rules in armada book)
    4x Cobra destroyer 120pt
    3x Cobra destroyer 90pt
    3x Cobra destroyer 90pt

    any comment?

    ps: the rules for the reserve and the relative rules for picking it is at hte beginning of armada rulebook (gran crusier, heavy cruiser end light count all for this puropse)

  6. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    Apologies, hadn't noticed the 2 Dictators. Original list is actually fine.

    That also works fine. I was looking at the same rules but missed one of the cruisers on your original list.
  7. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    you like the second list?
  8. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    I haven't played Imperial Navy much so can't really comment on how effective the will be.

    It looks balanced enough though and the Exorcists and Carnage cruisers should add some good longer range support to an otherwise short ranged list. You have tons of ordnance which is always a good thing IMO.

    Not sure how much of a detriment the Strange Happenings rule for the Reserve Fleet list will be as I've never used them.
  9. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    what you play?
  10. Tiny

    Tiny Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council

    Mostly Chaos although I have an Imperial fleet and a bunch of other fleets still waiting to be built (Orks, Necrons, Space Marines, Eldar)
  11. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    i think my final list (the second one) suffer necrons i have no lance
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  12. Mekrevan

    Mekrevan Juve

    another variant
    Admiral 50pt
    reroll 25pt
    1xBattleship emperor 365pt
    2xExorcist grand cruiser 460pt
    3xEndeavour light cruiser 330pt 6+ prow
    2xCarnage cruiser 360pt
    2xTyrant with nova and 45 cm battery 430

    2 nova cannon 16bay 6 torpedo
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