32mm sci-fi miniatures - Fate of the Eidolon Kickstarter for feedback


Nov 17, 2016
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

A while ago ! posted details about our 32mm sci-fi project, Fate of the Eidolon, and we're now almost ready to roll with the campaign. You can preview the project below and if you have any comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!


You can find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FateOfTheEidolon/

We have 3D printed and cast the first sculpts which you can see below (and we're in the process of getting better pics).


They look great and the arms look proportional on the 3D mock ups, but I agree they do look a little thin on the 3D print of the first one? Maybe it’s just the lighting or angle of the photo?
I’m in for 3 x miniatures purely because I liked to look of the Female Captain and the bald guy.

Plus always good to help out the little guy. :)