Necromunda 3rd party terrain, compatible with Sector Mechanicus


Mar 30, 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark
I’m looking to expand on my Sector Mechanicus terrain, but I don’t want to just but more and more of the same stuff. So help me find 3rd party makers, compatible with Sector Mechanicus. Quality is more important than price and I'd rather not have any MDF please :) So tell me about your experiences with third party makers of terrain that can be used with GWs Sector Mechanicus. Cheers!


Aug 23, 2018
Laser cut MDF is going to be 97% of what's available, I imagine, but you don't want that... Try Etsy? There are a lot of people there selling 3D printed stuff, so you can get 3D printed items without the printer. You pay a premium, of course, but it may get you what you're looking for. Ebay may have similar. Also, if you're buying from a 3D printer, ask them about resizing models. For example, if you're interested in buying pipes, ask them to make them twice the size for some big pipes to run through our layout.

Another option would be to stick with the Sector Mech sets, but customize them as you add duplicate pieces to break up the duplicicity. The new Kill Team Space Hulk set has a lot of little greeblie pieces for adding on that would look good anywhere. The Dollar Tree stores have a line of action figures called Final Faction that have accessory kits which make good greeblies too. And the Ash Wastes terrain is compatible with Sector Mechanicus if I recall.

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Mar 6, 2018
If you want to combine SM with ZM, you might be interested in the following terrain:

And for example on Thingiverse there are many files for 3D printing and there are contract 3D printing providers almost everywhere. Sometimes there are local maker workshops, copy shops, tabletop clubs and others that you could ask. To search files, enter: "thingiverse sector mechanicus" or "thingiverse necromunda"


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Oct 7, 2017
Manchester UK
So I know your asking about pre formed terrain. But you can't go wrong with some scratch built stuff to merge kits together.

I've combined a lot of different kits in my years wargaming. One thing I've found is deciding on a standard size for walls height wise helps merge things together.

For example I used quite a few of the classic bulkheads in a build and combined with the cities of death buildings. Those are a good size bigger than the bulkheads. So I realised if I trimmed detail from the bottom they could be the same size and I'd have some cool gubbins to add details elsewhere. Between them I had some flat areas.

Just to note there's nothing wrong with some flat areas in terrain. Not every single surface needs vast amounts of detail on it. So spacing out pieces with flat wall areas works well. Saves money and gives a nice surface for some graffiti if your that way inclined. 😉

I'd look into getting some sheets of textured plasticard and sheets of plane plasticard. Don't forget a variety of fixings and hardware from local building supplies