N18 40K Open Day Necromunda Panel

no, a juvie sprue would be gang related and have weapons. these would be house specific civilians. Juvie sprues would be awesome too. Although i guess Escher would have two female characters instead of one of each.
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I think the rules could do with a good clean up, a few silly things need to be addressed, (an FAQ would help), why can't my enforcers have magnacles, despite having them on the bloody models? Lots of books... So many books! But that's GW's way, why give you one book when we can charge you for 8 or 9 different books...

Apart from that I'm very much enjoying Necromunda, lots of nice models, new scenery is nice (would like to see some of it released separately so I could fill my board out a little) a kit for some civilians or something would be great, or even a generic Bounty Hunter model with a selection of different weapon on the sprues....
Aye, that's the rub - it would be so easy to just write this game off and move on, if it was the same level of polish from top to bottom. But there's still so much to like about Necromunda.
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It's the one GW game I've consistently played for about 15 years in its various froms. A few house rules here and there, and we tend to make our own cheat sheet, (photocopy or make up a PDF with all the important bits from the 8 million books)

It would only take a couple of hours to really thrash out the rules. Tidy stuff up. Surely a group of staff at GW could sit and play for a couple of days and quickly find the issues? Either a nice little FAQ, or a small, condensed rule book, none of faff, just this is how it works.
Same here @Parmesan . I used to have TONS of GW games (WFB, Epic, LotR, etc) but when the time came to thin down the collection (Yaklings) the only one that was 100% off the table was Necromunda. Some of them i even kept some models from to make new Necromunda gangs. i’ve kept a few 40k forces, but i’ll sell them if i have to. I’m keeping Necromunda. (maybe someday i’ll even by some of the new stuff!)
there’s a thread here that introduces two new spyrer types (one uses lots of drones, and the other was fire based, if i remember right). it would be awesome if there were a plastic spyrer kit that allows creation of original types and player-imagined new types. mix and match arms, weapons, heads, etc.
Sounds like good news on the terrain front! Would love to have a "shanty town" set of add-ons that fit against the ZM walls.

Can understand wanting Spyrers too, not enough people have fallen in love with the Venator gang

Redemptionists would be perfect for the current ethos, a foil to the Chaos cults
Any word on those new sprues for juves/champions they mentionned at one point ?

Nope, nothing I'm afraid. As nice as it was to talk to them they specifically said at the start of both the Sisters of Battle & Necromunda talks that they couldn't talk about anything in relation to future releases, only on what's been released or previewed. Which I was more than a little disappointed at.
Yeah exactly. A lot of folks are complaining about the lack of any number of models that are reasonably easy and fun to convert from other things in the range, but civilians are really hard to convert up. You need a lot of rare bits. Hands without weapons in them for example. Unarmored bodies. Heads that aren’t screaming or shouting or fixed in an expression of stoic rage. Civilian clothes. If the Empire Militia kit were still available it might be easier, but still not easy. Civilian models would be extremely easy to make into Juves. But making civilians out of other kits is damned hard. Heck even making ratskins is fairly easy with access to all the kits from Warcry. But making a merchant or a scribe or a factory worker is either a huge project or a big search for bits and oop models.
isn’t that what made them unique in the first place? the high tech toys? otherwise they’re just gangers... Orrus: heavy/ganger , Yeld: long range shooting, Malcadon & Jakara close combat gangers. they’re only missing a specific Leader and Juvies.