N18 750cr Venator Optimisation


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Nov 27, 2017
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Starting a dominion campaign soon with a starting gang size of 750.

Working on an Enforcer themed gang.


Leader (Type4): Master crafted bolter, Undersuit
Champion (Type3): VS Legacy, Power Hammer, Shield, Undersuit
Ganger (Type3): Shock Baton
Ganger (Type1): Shotgun
Ganger (Type4): Lasgun
Ganger (Type4): Lasgun
Ganger (Type4): Lasgun

I don't know how I feel about the lasguns, and am tempted to get rid of a ganger so I can spend those credits on shotguns (maybe even some flak).
My first minor purchase will be Mesh leader and champ.
My first major purchase will be an Orgyn.

My concern is that I will be too mid/close oriented. My group plays on 3D terrain mostly (Although I have done a good job of converting some of them to ZM and admitting that it is actually fun to not spend 3 hours on one scenario). And this worries me because most of the Venator stat lines have 4 move. And there is no Juve equivalent to remedy that.

With all this in mind - here is my question:
1) What are the glaring holes in my gang comp?
2) Where could I trim fat?
3) Where can I stand to bulk up a bit?
4) Should I be rethinking my Orgyn dreams?

I appreciate any critique! So bash away.
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Feb 8, 2013
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The lasguns arn't bad if you model them as hot shots, and thats what you'll want to get them longer term, hot shot ammo.

The ambot is strictly better than the ogyrn, but I do rate you for going ogyrn!

I would also suggest some grenades might be worth investing in, namely a set of smokes for the shock baton champ
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