A question of bases, or Mordheim in a Age of Sigmar era...

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Nov 19, 2017
Hey all

As I've nearly got the figures for one starter warband for Mordheim I'm thinking ahead and considering future purchases for other warbands.

One warband's composition is perplexing me though.

I'd like to make a Cult of the Possessed warband using some GW Nurgle models. Most though will be Frostgrave Cultist models as they look pretty much spot on for Mordheim. However I'm thinking of using GW Age of Sigmar Nurgle models for the Possessed, Mutants, and Magister.

Specifically I'm thinking of using Putrid Blightkings to represent the Possessed/Mutants and a Lord of Plagues for the Magister. However, they're on 40mm bases.

They might squeeze on smaller bases, but I don't imagine they'd be any smaller than 30mm and they might look a bit silly on such a small base...

So, what are people's thought's on using such models in Mordheim, is it acceptable to use such larger than normal humans models on larger than 25mm bases, given that they're not representing Ogres or such like?

Thanks in advance.
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I mix all sorts of sizes of bases on my Necromunda gangs and don't see that it would be any different for Mordheim as long as they fit on the terrain.

I find 30 or 32mm bases best for Blightking based models like my Scalies as 40mm are a little large (although that said, my Van Saar leader (aka Magos) is on a 40mm base and works just fine.)

Larger models on larger bases are only really detrimental to you anyway.
Many people switch out 20mm squares for 25mm circles. I don't think anyone's likely to care much. Though, that said, I'd avoid 40mm if you can - 32mm is probably enough.
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