A question regarding the Fanatic Enforcers pdf rules


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Dec 11, 2012
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Reading the rules I see this:

"Weapons: The Sergeant, Enforcers and Handler are all armed with a knife, bolt pistol and choke gas grenades. The Cyber-mastiff is armed with its teeth(!). Any member of the squad may replace their bolt pistol with a laspistol. The Sergeant may replace his bolt pistol with a plasma pistol if desired.

In addition each member of the squad may be armed with one of the sets of weapons from the following list. Equipment may not be changed during the campaign.

• Up to one member of the squad may have a heavy stubber.
• Up to one member of the squad may have a flamer, or a plasma gun, or a grenade launcher equipped with choke, frag and krak grenades.
• Any member of the squad may be armed with a bolt gun or combat shotgun or power maul or suppression shield.
• Any model may replace their bolt pistol with a power maul and suppression shield.
• Any member of the squad may be armed with melta- bombs and photon flash flares."

Question: Can the leader be equipped with plasma pistol (or any pistol for that matter) and a basic or special weapon (as the rules are written)? None of the leader models are available with anything but pistols/h2h, but it seems the most logical thing to give the shooty stuff to the guy with the highest BS.
A question regarding the Fanatic pdf rules

I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the weapons options not that sensible, in addition to being somewhat confusing. I just had a look at Anthony Case's rules, and they're more interesting (although it would be cool to run the enforcers more like a regular gang - in my mind enforcers in the depths of the Underhive are far less streamlined than depicted).

Anyways, I just went ahead as it seemed like fun:

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By my reading, the sergeant can have:
(bolt pistol OR plasma pistol) AND heavy stubber AND (flamer OR plasma gun OR grenade launcher) AND (bolt gun OR shotgun OR power maul OR suppression shield)*
power maul AND suppression shield.

*it's clearly ridiculous, but yes, your sergeant can have a plasma pistol heavy stubber, grenade launcher and a suppression shield. Same for any of your other Enforcers (apart from the bit about the plasma pistol).

Enforcers are easily converted using weapons and hands from plastic Space Marines. My sergeant is the one in the middle in the above pic, but cradling a boltgun in his left hand.